Barbara administration and took up the job

Barbara Norris is a passionate nurse manager at the general medical procedure unit of Eastern Massachusetts university hospital. Her major duties included dealing with the staff, scheduling and budget administration of the unit. She was in charge of the 33 person staff which included 25 RNs and 8 patient care assistants. Despite the fact that EMU was going through high turnover and low retention rates, She took up the job since she was passionate and determined about pivoting the low performing unit.
Barbara developed a deep respect and admiration towards this profession since she grew up watching her mom and grandma who were medical attendants. After graduating with honors from the nursing program at EMU, Barbara started working there. She worked for quite some time but when she got pregnant with her second child, she concentrated on raising her family.
Later when her children began with their grade school, Barbara decided to pursue her passion again. She completed her master in nursing administration and took up the job at EMU. She took up the herculean task of improving the working conditions at the GSU unit which suffered issues of low employee motivation and soaring attrition rates.


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