Barack president choose cabinet member to rise

Barack Obama vs Donald Trump
We all need a great president to run our country with no problem. Both president are different in some ways. Like any other normal people they have their own way of running the country. Both men president of the United States did the job different ways of how they choose the members of their cabinets, and they gave their speech.
A president choose cabinet member to rise their principles such as mentor. Choosing the members of their cabinets comparing and contrasting. The kind of people Obama choose to work in his administration were from mostly different countries and mostly political experience. For example,
On the other hand the kind of people Trump chose to work in his administration were mostly white, who were less governmental knowledge and all were wealthy. For example,

Presidential speeches revels the country dream, hopes, and promise to the world. The contents of the speech shows what each man’s vision and ideas are. The ideas about leadership and how nations all over the world show act towards each other. And also to make life better for all people, not just Americans. Previous president Obama was excellent at giving speech. Obama was an excellent speaker because he can connect with his viewers. He had a wisdom of humor that he was able to share with others and make them laugh. He had a good sense of when and how to change his level of style to suit different events. He kept his casual in dealing with extraordinary circumstances for a President, such as protesters in Congress. He speaks with class and pride. And also one good thing about Obama was that he understand people and want them to connect with him in different situations. For example,

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On the other hand Donald Trump is an extremely poor presenter. The way he talks to people is like he wants to start an argument. He can’t stay focused, he doesn’t think sensibly. Trump makes personal remarks about people during his speeches when he can’t answer the questions or is not prepared. For example.


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