Background convincing proposal draws on successes for

BackgroundThe first part of your marketing strategy proposal describes the present situation. It should include sections on your company’s position in the marketplace, the position of competitors, any government or regulatory agency influences and a description of the markets your company is targeting. Necessary details include your company’s pricing strategy, what promotions and advertising channels it is using, its distribution methods and a description of the products and services it offers. This part gives your audience the background necessary to understand your subsequent analysis and proposed solutions.

Situation AnalysisAfter describing the present situation, use the second part of your proposal to analyze your company’s performance. You can detail strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats — a SWOT analysis — as a framework, but your aim is to highlight your company’s successful initiatives and the problems it is experiencing right now. A convincing proposal draws on successes for solutions.

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You want to highlight the problems that your proposal is designed to solve and the company successes that your proposal relies on.Addressing the IssuesThe meat of your proposal, where you present your marketing strategy, is in the third section. You revisit the specific problems and weaknesses that you propose to address and link them with the strengths and successes you previously highlighted. If your company has a problem with a low-price competitor in a specific market segment, you can detail how the company dealt with a similar challenge elsewhere with superior customer service. If suitable examples are not available internally, you can use similar cases from outside your company. You then identify the specific threat, for example, loss of market share, and detail the specific strategy that will address it — for example, obtaining a toll-free number and hiring extra customer service staff.Projected OutcomeTo convince your audience that your proposal is the right one, you have to add your projections of how the strategy will solve your company’s problems.

For example, if your solution is to improve customer service and promote your company’s ability to solve any problems that occur, you can project sales increases that solve the problem of a loss of market share. Your projections have to be based on examples to be convincing. They have to include the costs of your proposal and the effects on overall profitability. Finally, you have to show how these results integrate well with overall company goals.


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