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Back in the year, 2009 Sutten studies show that grief is a huge inspiration that draws spouses, mothers, or daughters into a radical group. The loss of fathers or male figure in their lives has a negative effect, on their physical, emotional as well as economic impact. More especially, the loss of the most cherished one was apparent view as injustice at the hands of a United State army occupying nations, for example, Afghanistan or Iraq. It is also very tough to Palestine women to any one of their loved one loss in the hand of Israel army. However, hunter strike into every nook and cranny of Afghanistan or loss from a Western soldier operation in Iraq is tough for a mother to comprehend, and severe grief can usually turn to the will for retribution. However, revenge or grief and a result of a loss to love one are among the most predominant motivations for female support or involvement terrorist acts, one should likewise permit to say that some women are also motivated by ideology or belief (Sutten 2009, 28).


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