Ayeshmantha bolt and pressure of the components

Ayeshmantha K.A.v EN18396478 Group-07- B
Nut and Bolt
To manufacture a nut and bolt arrangement.

A nut is a kind of latch with a threaded hole. This sort of nuts are about constantly utilized in conjunction with a mating screw to bolt various components along. Likewise the two accomplices are kept together by a blend of their threads’ friction, a little extending of the bolt and pressure of the components to be summon along.
The most widely recognized type of fastener head is hexagonal, six sides gives a smart toughness of tools for a device to come nearer from , however a significant number of corners would be vulnerable to being rounded off. Elective particular shapes exist unquestionably needs, such as wing nuts for finger modification and hostage nuts for difficult to reach areas.
In applications where turning or vibrating could coordinate a nut loose, extraordinary sort of security systems may even be utilized those are jam nuts ,lock washers, specialist adhesive thread-locking fluid like Loctite, safety pins or lockwire in conjunction with nylon embeds , slightly oval-shaped threads or crenellated nuts

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Meter ruler
Ø8mm and LG100mm M/S iron rod
M8×1.25 size two nuts
Hack saw
Bench vice
Flat file
100mm was measured from a long iron rod. After it was cut using the hack saw.
The two corners edges was filed in the second step
The threats was created from M8×1.25 tap to 30mm and the other side 10mm. (Rod put in to the tap hole and turn tightly clockwise)
M8×1.25 size nut was inserted to 10mm size threat side and generality bolt part was riveted with the help of the hammer.

That part was smoothed like a real bolt using the file.

Finally, the other nut was inserted to the 30mm side.


There are numerous metric thread in the advanced world. In a particular technique diameter, length and pitch are mentioned. In this reason we get ISO metric screw strings technique.

M8×1.25 means;
M = Metric thread designation
8 = Nominal outer diameter of the screw (in millimeters)
1.25 = Pitch (distance from thread to thread, in millimeters)
In some causes it like M8-1.25×20;
20 means the length of the thread (in millimeters).

There are various methods to cutting threads. In this cause we use tap and die set to cutting threads. Another ways of cutting threads;
Thread milling
Single-point threading
Threading with EDM
Thread grinding
Thread lapping
Thread casting and molding
We fasten our bolt head by riveting a nut to it. The couple of techniques for fasten a bolt head are ,
 Angle control tightening
 Torque control tightening
 Bolt stretch method
Yield controlled tightening
 Heat tightening
Use of tension indicating methods

When manufacturing nut and bolt in mass scale manufactures use different kinds of metals. These are steel, aluminum and copper. The use head trimming machine, power press and bull block wire drawing machine as major manufacturing machines. Another machines are dual stroke forging machine, straightening machine, thread rolling machine and the steel polish barrel. More machinery are forming machine and the nut tapping machine.CONCLUSION
When we participating to this workshop we had a good knowledge and experience about how to work with a tap ; die set and we could to identify the notation of threads. We also got a good opportunity to work in practical situations.

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