Ateneo advisee at least once a month;

Ateneo de Davao University

We, Engr. Kenneth P. Cosares (mentor) and Katrina Almajeda, Jam Gambong, Jeanette Marie Holland, and Donabel Ortiz (advisees), agree to enter into a mentoring relationship voluntarily and comply with the following terms:
The mentor agrees to:
Have regular sessions with the advisee at least once a month;
File the consultation form and submit to the Department Office;
Read and critically comment on the advisee’s work as it is produced;
Ensure that the advisee is made aware if either progress or standard of work is unsatisfactory, and arrange any necessary supportive action;
Ascertain that misconducts in research are not committed by the student;
Endorse to the Program Head the candidate’s proposal or thesis/dissertation when it is completed and ready for panel consultation, and then, for defense;
Sit in the Oral Defense and document the recommendations of the panel; and
Give a grade and sign the grade sheet together with the panel members after submission of the final copy of thesis.

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The mentee agrees to:
Provide the research topic for discussion with the mentor;
Submit written work regularly to the mentor and produce all materials in word-processed or typed form;
Consult the mentor at least once a month, take note of the mentor’s feedback and guidance;
Inform the mentor of other people with whom the work is being discussed;
Seek out the mentor; and take up serious problems with the mentor before taking any further step; and
Abide by the submission deadlines set by the University;
We agree to the conditions above and commit to a mutually respectful mentoring relationship for the duration of this agreement. We both understand that information shared in this relationship will be held in confidence except for the conditions that have been set by the University. This agreement may be changed at the request of either the mentor or the advisee at any time.

Signed: Engr. Kenneth P. Cosares (Mentor) Date: _______________
Signed: Almajeda, Katrina
(Advisee) Date: _______________

Gambong, Jam

Holland, Jeanette Marie

Ortiz, Donabel


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