At 28,000 feet MountEverest is the tallest mountain

At 28,000 feet MountEverest is the tallest mountain in the world.

Located in Nepal, Asia thousands have attempted to climb this mammoth mountain ever since 1953 when the first climbers put their feet on the summit of Everest. Climbers are going too far by Climbing MountEverest because It causes too much pollution, it causes too much human traffic, and most of all because it’s way too dangerous.One reason that explains how climbers are going too far by trying to summit Everest is because it causes too much pollution. Pollution and garbage on Mount Everest? “Yes, approximately 50 tons of it littering the slopes” says biologist Rebecca E Hirsch. Imagine that, 50 tons of empty oxygen tanks, broken tents, discarded ropes, empty water containers, old food, human excrement (poop), and more. Another example of this 50 ton trash problem is it’s gotten so bad that  Nepal is charging $4,000 to go up and if you have all of the supplize you carried up when you return you get your money back. If not you lose your deposit and are possibly band from the mountain for ever.

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My last piece of evidence is none of the garbage that climbers are disposing of on Mount Everest is decomposing in the icy conditions. Everything you dispose of just sits there until (if) you pick it up and it’s not helping the ecosystems around Mount Everest either. During the summer climate change is causing some of the ice on the mountain to melt.This contaminated liquid runs down the mountain creating streams that make their ways into villages and forests but because of all the garbage the water is not safe for people or animals to drink.Another reason that explains how climbers are going too far by climbing Mount Everest is it causes too much human traffic. There are only a few weeks in spring when the winds are mellowest  and the storms come less frequently, and almost every year there is a mad rush to try and summit this mountain. Past climbers have recalled waiting for hours to get to the top.

Another reason is when climbers have to stand and wait in sub zero temperatures for hours in the death zone( 26,000 ft. up nicknamed because most deaths occur here) you can get killed by any number of awful things. Up in the extremely thin air where there is almost no oxygen, though most climbers have oxygen masks some unlucky climbers get caught in these horribly long lines with low oxygen, in the thin air capable of suffocating a person in minutes.

You can also suffer from altitude sickness (not enough oxygen), frostbite, dehydration, and a number of other nasty things. Another example is when people wait in long lines or human traffic jams they can get bored and do things like sit down, empty their trash, or playing games. Playing games can be very dangerous when one is so high up and trying to salvage oxygen, dumping your trash is not ideal either, but worst is sitting when it is very cold it is best to walk in place to keep warm sitting is the worst possible thing you can do. My last example is do you really want to climb Everest so badly that you are going to wait in lines for hours when that alone could kill you?  It’s not worth it.Although climbers are going too far by climbing Mount Everest by it causing too much pollution and because it causes too much human traffic, but especially because it’s way too dangerous. Climbing mountains isn’t bad and I encourage experienced climbers to climb to their hearts content.

But not all climbers have the experience, money/gear, qualification, or proper guides to climb. Like 13 year old Jordan Romero. He was the youngest to ever summit Mount Everest, but not all 13 year olds are that good. While his achievement is phenomenal and he inspires many children to do great things, there are stories of tennagers ateempting Everest years before they were ready. So if your a child climber, maybe you should stick to some smaller mountains for the safety of  you, your friends, and other children.

Another example as to how Everest is too dangerous is Mount Everest is covered in huge sheets of ice called glaciers, that used to be frozen all year round but now because of climate change these glacier are melting during the spring


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