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At St Mary’s the residents care plans and observations have a fixed date for them to be taken and reviewed. Also, when a complaint is made, what action is been taken to resolve the issue. For example, Mrs M daughter was concern that her mum’s clothing have vanished.

She gives her in April for her birthday and she doesn’t think that Mrs M hasn’t worn it that often and her name was on her cloths. By working together with the care staff we were able to look for Mrs M clothes as my colleague knows what her cloths looks like as she is her key worker. When Mrs M cloths went to the laundry some of her name label came off, so the laundry staff did not know who it was. I then contact Mrs M’s daughter to inform her that her mum’s cloths has been found and the staff have put her name back on. She was very satisfied. By working together everyone can be supported and all ideas can be taken into consideration on meetings and solving issues become easiest.

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