At last report or charge-sheet. At that point

At present the role of harmed individual is limited to lodge his complaint which is in simple word is referred as First Information Report (FIR) and to submit proof when called by prosecution. The prosecution is by and large responsible for conducting the criminal procedure. The victim isn’t al all even involved in the procedure aside from in situations where the private complaint is held up before a magistrate. It is the police which lead examination based on FIR and record the last report or charge-sheet. At that point it is the Magistrate or judge in the wake of investigating the record of investigation and report of investigation takes cognizance and casing charge and clearing path for trial, if essential.

Just open door accessible to the victim is that when the Magistrate/judge is not slanted to take cognizance and propose to drop the proceeding, an open door is offered just to the victim to display his own case based on Supreme Court’s decision in case of Bhagwant Singh v. Chief of Police.

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