At College athletes should not be paid because

At many college campuses college athletes are the important part for the school’s income. They are supposed to be the best athletes they can be at their level and are supposed to maintain and raise the popularity of their school. The question is should college athletes get paid? This topic has been around the sports industry for many years and it’s a topic that will never actually get answered. College athletes should not be paid because it’s a privilege to be an athlete and student, money will take away the competitiveness of the game and athletes will lose joy in the game, and lastly student comes first athlete second.The first problem with paying college athletes is that it’s a privilege to be an athlete and a student. Most college athletes get their schooling paid for or at least some of it from a scholarship that you could receive depending on your level of play and academic works.

If you were to get paid on top of your scholarship it would be unfair to other non-athletes and would cause a big problem with the college. The privilege of being a college athlete is that the scholarship pays for housing, food, and schooling. This you need to be successful to be on a college campus. Being a college athlete, you have an advantage that non-athletes don’t have and that’s having a teammates and friends right as you get to college.

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Another problem that takes a big role is that money will take away the competitiveness from the game and athletes can lose the joy in the game. Say you are the best player on your college team and you are getting paid the same amount of money as a player that doesn’t play at all. There is a problem there and that is title 9; all athletes having equality. Paying these college athletes would lead to lots of unhappy athletes and can cause lots of issues in the game.


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