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Asthma disease affects the lungs, but it can be managed. It is a chronic disease that affects mostly children, however, adults and teens can also have asthma. There are different types of asthma. Type 2 asthma is the most common which occurs in over half of the patients (CDC, 2015). Asthma is characterized with some key symptoms such as chest tightness, breathlessness, wheezing, together with coughing early in the morning and late at night. An individual that has asthma will have it every time, however, they develop asthma attacks when something triggers or bothers their lungs. One is likely to develop asthma if someone in their family has it. Often people do not know what causes asthma as well as how to cure it. An asthma attack could include the above-mentioned symptoms. These attacks more on the body’s airways, which carry air to the lungs. This works on the basis that as air moves through the lungs, the airways also become smaller. When one has an asthma attack, the airways shrink as the sides of the airways in the lungs swell. As such, less air gets in and out of the lungs as mucous clogs the airways further. When there is inflammation it occurs in the bronchioli leading to the asthma attack.
The trigger of asthma attack varies from one patient to the other. It is important for one to identify their triggers and stay away from them to prevent the attacks. Some of these triggers include smoke, dust, outdoor air pollution, pets and cockroach allergen among others. Asthma can be controlled through different types of medications; quick relief and long-term control. While long-term control drugs help reduce milder attacks, they fail to help when one is having a heart attack. The quick-relief medicines control the asthma attack symptoms. There are over 334 million people suffering from asthma across the contemporary world (Global Initiative for Asthma, 2014). As a result of better diagnosis combined with changes in pollution, diet, exposure to nature and housing, it has become easy to diagnose asthma. The number of asthma patients continues to grow by close to a third every decade because of this above-mentioned reason. At least 1 person dies from asthma every 2 minutes and a ¼ of a million annually (Global Initiative for Asthma, 2014). The costs of asthma are high and this is reflected in the outpatient and inpatient care, drugs and special diets as well as the wages lost during hospitalization.
Asthma disease has become a serious public health issue in the contemporary society. According to California Health Interview Survey 2016, Asthma condition is prevalent in the present society, affecting children, adults, and teens. When other common conditions such as diabetes mostly affect the adults, asthma affects people of all age groups, though it is common in the children who have a developing immunity and thus have not adapted to their environments. The asthma attacks have been high among California residents because of the heavy air pollution from harmful substances as well as dust particles. California has reported very high pollution levels following Trump’s decision on the global Paris climate agreement. Moreover, the high prevalence of asthma is also as a result of poor drug compliance and poor asthma education among the patients and people in the general society. Asthma continues to be a serious public health issue in the United States. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015) statistics show that around 24.6 million people suffer from Asthma and this includes 6.1 million children. Furthermore, over 11.5 million people with asthma together with around 3 million children report having experienced 1 or more asthma attacks in 2015. This is a serious chronic disease among children as in 2016, the prevalence of asthma was 8.3%, reflecting around 1 in 12 children had asthma. Back in 2013, around 13.8 million children failed to attend school as they were reported to have suffered from asthma (CDC, 2015).
Besides, the economic costs of asthma are very high. In 2012 alone, the median yearly medical cost of asthma was $983 for every child with a range of $833 in Arizona and $1121 in Michigan (Nurmagambetov et al., 2017). As such, it is imperative for people to bring their attention to this asthma issue so as to develop methods of eradicating it from the society. Investigating this condition will help in gaining new insights that can be used to effectively understand the dynamics of asthma conditions. The collected data will be used by policymakers, health professionals and researchers to develop suitable interventions to treat and prevent this condition from negatively impacting the lives of several children and teens who are the future of this society. In addition, doing so can help prevent the high economic costs of asthma condition. That said, it is imperative to investigate the asthma condition and gain key information which can be used to prevent it in the general society. This also helps in increasing awareness about asthma in the society so that people learn how to prevent it as well as easily recognize early and prevent its complications from occurring in ignorant individuals.


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