Assumptions sampling method, tools, and analysis methods. CHAP

Assumptions Besides types of promotions, the impact of product involvement on consumer will also be investigated. The level of personal relevance of the product to consumers is considered as product involvement. In other words, involvement is the result of the interaction of consumers with products. 15 For example, a car or a bottle of perfume can be both considered as high-involvement products: the car is associated with high perceived financial risk, while perfume is perceived high social risk”. Product categories chosen for the study are assumed to show different degrees of involvement. Regarding the methodology, it is assumed that involvement, and utilitarian/hedonic benefits are reliable variables to measure their effect on brand loyalty. It also assumes that all interviewees frankly answer the survey questions; the statistical software and analysis methods applied were appropriate.

Structure of the Thesis This thesis is comprised of six chapters. Chapter I presents the importance, the purpose of the topic, research problems, the methodology, important findings, background and justification, delimitations, assumptions and the thesis structure. Chapter II reviews the relevant literature including the value of brand in marketing strategy, sales promotions and their perceived benefits, product involvement in decision-making, the buying process and the debate over the long-term effect of sales promotions on brand loyalty. Chap III presents the theoretical framework including behavioral learning theory and its application in marketing field. CHAP IV describes the research methodology including a description of the sample, sampling method, tools, and analysis methods. CHAP V shows what hypotheses will be tested, and how data is analyzed. Chapter VI reviews the research problems, discuss research findings, presents the conclusion and implications for future studies.

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