Assignment of “Steve Jobs” He played an

      Assignment          Computer Applications  Name        :    Khubaib      :    BCM-17-01Class         :     B.Com (Hons)Semester   :     1stSession      :    2017-2021 SubmittedTo:                        Submitted By:                                                Ma’am Sadia Shoukat                  Khubaib Amjad                     INTRODUCTIONAPPLE company was established on April 1,1976.

There are 3 founder of an APPLE company.·        Steven Paul·        Steve Wozniak·        Ronald Gerald WayneSteven PaulSteven Paul also known as “Steve Jobs”. He was an American businessman.

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He was best known forhis two success, he was the co-founder and CEO of an APPLE company.  Steve WozniakStephen Gary is known as “Steve Wozniak”. HIS home was San Jose, California born in August 11,1950. Steve Woz was a computer scientists and he was the friend of “Steve Jobs” He played an importantrole in the development of an APPLE company. He was also an computerprogrammer.

    Ronald Gerald WayneHe was born on May 17, 1974 and was a retiredAmerican electronics industry worker. He was the cofounder of an APPLE. He gavenew ideas to his friends Steve Jobs andSteve Wozniak.  APPLE HISTRORY Steve Jobs , StephenWozniak and  Ronald Wayneestablish a company name as APPLE. Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak stared abusiness in 1972 . They both havecreated a device called (blue box) . which make an illegal free long-distancecalls on AT’s network, and that too without getting traced.

Jobs said                “Ifwe wouldn’t have made blue boxes, there would have been no Apple.”In 1974 WOZ and jobs started working on a PC. What wouldeventually become Apple I was ready by 1976.APPLE IIt was designed and hand-built by Woz, and needed a keyboardand a monitor to work. many company get interest in their product which waspriced at $666.6.AT theend of 1976,the ex-Intel manager named Mike Markula invested $92,000 inthe company. The company also got its logo designed in 1977.

   APPLE IIIN 1997APPLE II was released at 1298$ the machine came with a plastic case,standard keyboard, tape-based storage, power supply, and color graphics.It looks like a magic sheet paper that performcalculation.    APPLE IIIIn1980,the company updated the APPLE II that was released APPLEIII but thismachine was was designed for business purpose and had a cost 4300$.   Jobs’ Visit Xerox WhenAPPLE Company was at the peak of his success. Steve Jobs was looking forsomething different this time around. He visit the Xerox company.

at the sameyear in 1979,the company of APPLE was working on LISA and Macintosh .APPLE wasimpressed by the Xerox company. LISA1983 LISA was formed, it cost was 10,000$ and personallyuse for has a better display and more memory storage.  Macintosh In 1984, Macintosh was formed.

it was asuccessful device and had 128KB Ram,9 inch black and white display and a had a cost of 2495$.      Productsof APPLE                        There are two majorproducts of an APPLE :Hardware Products                                                                ·        IPhones (i3,4,4s,5,5s etc.

)                                             ·        Tablets·        IPod (classic and touch)·        Laptop·        Mac (MacBook and iMac)Software Products·        iOS·        Mac OX S·        Safari·        ITunes                 Strength and Weakness  Strength                          Weakness  APPLE Brand High cost Reliable Limited distribution High market rate Connect APPLE to APPLE Well designed and easy to use Battery problem Best performance Not flexible   Conclusion Steve jobs and his friends created a APPLE. Now,35 years of APPLE it become a brand. Their products are more reliable ,easy,updated and have more innovation then other android devicesAPPLE “Think’sDifferent”.


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