ASSIGNMENT question about these things that rooted in

ASSIGNMENT A REACTION PAPER STUDENT LAWA MAULOKO, MELYANA SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 The book of Siddharta by Hermann Hesse is the story of a journey for finding wisdom, love and happiness of Siddharta the main character in this book. Siddharta began to question about these things that rooted in every persons life that make the reader to re evaluate themselves while reading this novel. Siddharta comes to the realization that he desires wisdom more than knowledge and wisdom only comes when he is ready to receive it. At the end of his journey, Siddaharta becomes matures and achieve the wisdom. The story began with Siddharta, pictured as the son of Brahman that have been learned many things such as the practiced of his religion taughy by his father and the wise men. He was loved by his father, mother, and his friend Govinda. Siddhartha was thus loved by everyone. He was a source of joy for everybody, he was a delight for them all. (page 3 pdf). I think this is the best part of life for being loved by your parents, friend and others. The thirsty of wisdom make him unhappy and the desires of wisdom stronger than anything else in his life such as the love from the parents and his friend. Y, B8L 1(IzZYrH9pd4n(KgVB,lDAeX)Ly5otebW3gpj/gQjZTae9i5j5fE514g7vnO( ,[email protected] /[email protected] 6Q


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