Asoka bad for his actions before. He

Asoka a prince and later ruler of the Mauryan Empire ruled most of India from 268 BCE until his death in 232 BCE, he was later known to be the founding father of India, and implemented a form of government, based in Buddhist spiritual beliefs. He also conquered valuable territory that remains part of India today and sought out a guru, seeking enlightenment to become a more fulfilling leader. Throughout Asoka’s life, he had proven himself to be an enlightened ruler by seeking Buddha, creating the Asokan edicts, and by doing public works, and keeping his best interest for his people.
After the Kalinga war was over Asoka felt many troubling emotions due to everything he witnessed during the war. Asoka felt inside him a great crisis, and a stirring remorse so he sought out a guru to teach him enlightenment (document C) and felt bad for his actions before. He was taught by a monk to sit beneath the Bodhi tree, the same place where the Buddha found enlightenment, he also gave rich gifts to the poor, and consulted with local communities about proper governance, about good conduct (document C). By showing his people that he is changing and by seeking Buddha he was able to make up for his actions with the Kalinga war and move forward by setting meaningful reforms.
After Asoka’s work many changes were made and there was no opposing power within the Mauryan Empire, as document B suggests, Furthermore there was now no opposing power


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