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“As you grow older you will discover that the most important things that will happen to you will often come as a result of silly things, as you call them –“ordinary things” is a better expression. That is the way the world is.” (Chaim Potok, The Chosen 110) Between the quote and thesis, can be found out how people treat things by being more mature and responsible, and how humankind treated them by being younger. This quote perfectly shows how our maturity changes over the years. In the novel The Chosen, author explains the power of friendship between two boys in order to to an indication of the development of their maturity.
Reuven, who is the narrator of the novel, speaks as the first-person. He explains events in chronological order, adjusting his perspective over the course of the novel to reflect his increasing maturity. Reuven’s narration is not omniscient, as he does not know what others are thinking or feeling. Instead, he reveals Malter’s observations of others’ behavior and analyzes other characters’ thoughts and emotions. During the novel, Reuven and Danny develop and mature as they learn the truth about the world around them and about themselves. During this journey, they learn the truth about the world around them and themselves. During this journey, they become increasingly aware of sympathetic to the suffering around them. This increased awareness then leads to empathy, humility, and sense of responsibility, which change our main characters for the better.
Chaim Potok tells story about unlikely friendship two, young boys from Brooklyn. Friendship began with a baseball game, where characters were playing in opposite teams. Reuven got hurt and Danny visited him in hospital after the match, asking for forgiveness. The author uses development and symbolism to show how friendship between two, different people can change their lives. Both of boys are different in many ways, religion is way of life, but they see faith differently. Danny studies Talmud, because he has to do it, he will become rabbi like his father, but Reuven and his dad study Talmud slowly and i more methodical way. One of difference that characters is that Reuven is more personable and he likes to go out with friends – Danny is more out-side person


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