As “they are the questions inevitably raised by

As we were assigned to read the first chapter, entitled as the promise, the book social imagination written by c. wright mills, I had some immediate reactions on the way the author had expressed his thoughts in words. I must say that he had made it quite difficult for his readers to actualize what he intends to say as he had written it in a complex way. He used too much words to described his topic and I think he has a hobby of redundancy or repeating the same thought. For example; on page 7, third paragraph, he used “these are the kinds of questions the best social analyst have asked”, and on the following sentence he tried ending it with “they are the questions inevitably raised by any mid possessing the sociological imagination”. I suggest that he compress his words to the most practical manner in a way that most of his readers could thoroughly understand the main idea of the chapter. I suggest, in the describe his thought in a more profound way. I believe that “they are the questions inevitably raised by any mind possessing the sociological imagination” is adequate to describe his thought very well. Honestly, in today’s era, readers appreciate a book that is more practical in description as it helps them understand things even more. Millennials live by the quote “less is more”a


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