As highs and lows when love is

As we can all say about the emotion of love is that it’s a complicated concept to understand with a lot of questioning going on at the same time. There is so many highs and lows when love is involved with any situation. In “On Monsieur’s Departure” Queen Elizabeth the First allows us to have an idea of inconsistent love within ourselves through her connections she provides. Throughout the section The Queen shows us theme and imagery to show us her feelings about love and how to visually see the description of what she is trying to interpret.
In the first stanza in “On Monsieur’s Departure” contains a lot of theme of dissociation between the Queen and her desires of love. With theme being such a big part of the poem that she tries to show us both sides of herself and she doesn’t get either sides mixed up whatsoever. She shows us that she loves but also can back away and seperate the thought of being in love with another person also. When she says “I love and yet am forced to seem to hate” the comparisons of love and hate are really big right there and that’s a great example of what she is trying to put out. Living a life when your so frustrated with the way your feelings and emotions have you will have you so stressed out with having to out up two different faces for the day. When it comes to the theme of the poem it has to be a personal internal strife and how that can possibly affect the way one lives there life.


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