As these factors above show us how effective villa

As these factors above show us how effective villa tourism has on most of the visitors, tomake them decide to purchase or rent property in Cyprus. One can only assume and have nodoubt that North Cyprus qualifies as a good option for tourists. The prices and currency inCyprus has become very convenient and welcoming for tourists from the Balkans and theUnited Kingdom, which as a result draws and attracts them to North Cyprus. The local house-type of Cyprus, the yellow some houses and villas famous for its compatibility for all season1climate, and attracts foreigners. Also fertile and favourable land types are ideal for plantingplants and vegetables, which is also a plus fact for the frequent visiting tourists or retiredcitizens. As the island is well known for its beautiful coasts, hot sunny weather, warm sand,natural beauty, beaches and nightlife for the youth, these features and attractions of the islandare normally preferred and enjoyed by tourists from the United Kingdom. Proximity of thevilla to the beaches is also a huge plus for the visitors. The real estate agents approved andconfirmed through customer wants and demands that most tourists preferred villas to be closerto the sea and beaches. They also confirmed that availability of a private parking and pool of avilla is mostly welcomed by tourists by tourists who would rather pay extra for these luxuryfacilities than go to a hotel despite hotels being cheaper. Although villa prices are moreexpensive compared to hotels tourists would rather rent a villa, the advantages that renting avilla over staying in a hotel makes the extra price worthwhile as tourists can follow their ownrules, be independent and enjoy their privacy.These factors are all considered during examining the sources findings and talks with thesector professionals, and helped greatly to successfully analyse and have a widerunderstanding of the subject, which completes the project in a self-knowledge manner4.4. HYPOTHESAccording to the research iv gathered about villa tourism in North Cyprus, it is fair to say thatthis sector will be very efficient for North Cyprus’s economy both in present and theforeseeable future. The Tourism sector is the key for forthcoming generations for the peopleof North Cyprus in order to earn money, to attract tourists to the Northern part of Cyprus fromEurope, America and Eastern counties. The sun, sand and sea factor of the North Cyprusshould be interpreted in the most efficient way possible and help to improve the economy ofthe country and tourism. Villas are considered to be the most luxurious holidays for tourists,therefore its is crucial to leave tourists with a positive experience during there holiday, before1leaving Cyprus. A positive experience results in continued numbers of increased tourism andvisits to North Cyprus. Villa tourism is essential.In addition to that, other sectors such as construction companies, developers, cleaningcompanies, swimming pool cleaners, and airplane companies would benefit from villa tourismand tourism as a whole in a roundabout way. Therefore, in order to improve the tourism, villatourism should be improved and be used more frequently. Villa tourism can be beneficial notonly for foreign tourists; local tourists could use villas to spend their vacations. Especially theones coming from Nicosia, villas which could be hired could be a good option to spend theirshort or long period holidays (for ex, a weekend) next to the seaside or cliffs of theBesparmak Mountains.As a conclusion North Cyprus relies on tourism significantly as main source of income,tourism brings income, increases productivity creates jobs which as a result leads to economicgrowth. Over the last couple of years the villa tourism sector has grown and shown us thegreat potential of how accommodations beyond the typical hotel room can lead to success fortourism as a whole. It is estimated that in the next couple of years villa tourism can competeand rival the hotel industry as the main source of income during the summer period. Eitherway this competition between the two sectors can only result as a great and successfulpotential factor for the growth of North Cyprus economy. For tourism and tourists,accommodation is the most important part of a holiday plan, therefore giving tourists thatopportunity to stay in spacious, large, airy and luxurious houses will be helpful to attract moreand more tourists. As well as providing tourists with the independence to enjoy their holidayas they wish, with no restrictions which may be the case should they have chosen to stay athotels. However coming to the business side of villa tourism, investors or individualschoosing to retire may purchase villas for retirement or business purposes. For the wealthyinvestors the case would be for them to purchase several quantities of villas with the intentionto rent them out to either local people or touristsIn order to improve this sector in our country the way of working and implementing villatourism goals and strategies could be followed and adapted by taking example of otherpopular locations, and how their tourism strategies work, such as the Caribbean or SouthernEurope. Their way of purchasing villas can be held up as an example. Originating from othercountries could be useful however the most eminent is to adapt the villa tourism to ourcountry and use it in the most effective way as possible.


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