As in their career as accountants (Twomey, Linehan

As the generation changes, women have been continually recognized in the field of accountancy profession. Researchers came to agree how suited women were in this occupation than any other field as they show great qualification and sense of commitment (Cullen & Theo, 2013). However, problems arised as they continue to maintain their careers.

Strategic ways to survive a competitive working environment became their survival tool. Many studies had been conducted to find out the outcomes of the career of women accountants, the challenges they have encountered and reasons behind the snail-paced promotion to higher position (Adapa, Sheridan & Rindfleish, 2015; Cimirotic, Duller, Feldbauer-Durtsmuller, Gartner & Hiebl, 2017). The study of Twomey, Linehan and Walsh (2015) on career progression of women accountants in Ireland showed inflexible working system and familial duties were important hurdles that they faced in the accountancy profession. The results of Twomey, Linehan and Walsh (2015) study showed that almost all of the accountants work long hours, for instance, more than 60 hours per week. There were 70 percent of males and 82 percent of females that believe that they have to work more than the required working hours to get to higher positions in their career as accountants (Twomey, Linehan & Walsh, 2015).

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