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As society develops, more and more students are no longer limited to their home to seek knowledge. Instead they have the opportunity to study in a developing country. There are many developing countries that offer different types of study fields including economy, geology, psychology and so many more.

And it is not just in own country, studying abroad is one of the option to seek knowledge. According to Go Abroad Writing Team (2017), studying abroad means going to different country with the genuine intention of doing more than just seeing the sights and checking places off the bucket list. There are some factors agreeing that studying abroad is beneficial in term of international experience, survival skills and rewarding and life enriching. To start with, studying abroad gives international experience to the students as the surrounding and environment is maybe slightly different from the origin country. Some maybe live in south, and travelling north to study and also live in west and study at east. From the experience, the cultures, taboos, specialties and the background of every country that can be visited can be obtained (Hang & Winston, 2017).

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Different country have different ways of living, for example in Thailand, if you did not bow when pass by the senior citizen you will be claimed as a rude person, because they believe respect should be given to the oldies as they have live longer than anyone younger than them. Plus, the country can be travel more widely and maybe to the country nearby also. (Achuth, 2016). As for example, we can see every country have different attractions and when we travel we will want to visit all the places, so our distance of travel will get wider and broader.

Furthermore, maybe one can reach another country if the place is at border countries such as Himalaya that is located between Bhutan, Pakistan, China, Nepal and India. Other than that, the advanced teaching techniques and materials also a credit for students to further study abroad (Hang & Winston, 2017). This is because maybe their respective country did not offer the field he interested in and studying abroad is one of the choices. As he can see that the country he will furthering studies is a developing country and advance in technology usage – this is an advantage for him to learn and enjoy the privileges prepared. Studying abroad also can improve the survival of skills. According to, survival skills means the techniques that a person may use in order to sustain life in any type of natural environment or built environment.

From the quote by Cyril (2017), he said that one of the skills that can be improves is on managing financial. As known, financial is a big aspect to be look up when studying abroad as one has to manage expenses on studies fee, on foods, on daily needs and so on. When they continue their studies, they will have to face the struggle on managing their expenses as it is really crucial not to waste money on unnecessary things. They have to decide whether it is the needs or self-wanted. For example, between eating at restaurant or cooking at home. They can save more if they cook by themselves at home as they can estimate the quantity that needed for them to cook. Eating at restaurant may be saving time but the quality and quantity of food may be unsatisfied with their appetite.

In addition, studying abroad can develop social integration. (Allan, 2015). In a broader view, social integration is a dynamic and structured process in which all members participate in dialogue to achieve and maintain peaceful social relations. This can be proven by the relationship between all the students that studies in university, although there are varieties of races, they still can be with each other and live in peace and harmony. They respect one another and appreciate each other through programs that held in the university by clubs and associations.

Universities club always held programs that embrace cultures from all around the world. Foreigners can easily mingle around with locals as they wanted to be accepted by the community so they will easily adapt in the society. Virginia (2016) has agreed that students that study abroad can easily adapt to control emotional pressure. This is due to they had lived far away from the people they love – close friends and families. Their adaptation is higher to control their emotion as they live in a more independent situation and not under supervision of their trusted people. So they just have themselves and their university friends.

This can make them more independent and can develop them on self-reliance. ( Hang, 2017 )Last but not least, studying abroad is a rewarding and life enriching. It can be considered as rewarding because the students can experience differences from what he usually feels. The moments and experiences are priceless and cannot be wasted as it enriching life values. Olaf (2018) has agreed that studying abroad is one of the preparations to face the future challenges, in higher education and working field. As he said that, the phase is really different as the situation may vary for some places may have a very good communication environment while another does not. Some places, the people may be more sensitive and have common sense to others while some do not. So, the students will be well-prepared as they have gone through the same thing in universities and sometimes even worse.

They will slowly learn that not everyone have the same perspective as he did. Diversity occurs in community for the decision making, thinking skills and work etiquettes. As for Hamad, Suzanne and Nancy (2016) they discussed that studying abroad also is a fulfilling self-dreams for achievement in life. As the students will appreciate home and family more, make family proud, enjoy unforgettable moments and use spare time during semester break to explore the world. This can make them realize that what is the most importance in life is to be happy with what we are doing because when we do things sincerely we will do it truthfully and honestly. Family always support and pray for the best because they are the main support system the students have.

Without encouragement from family, they will lose hope and it is really hard for anyone else to persuade the students to get back on track as families can do. Life enriching also involve in getting more job opportunities later in their life. As Paul (2017) have discovered, studying abroad can increase international job prospects as there are so many positions of job that can be offered from only one company to the same person. Companies also providing the chance for internship for them to experience the real picture of how working life is. These increase the possibilities of the students to try an error for the suitable position for them in the future working world later. This can reduce the unemployment for graduated students as happens nowadays – what makes the students most concern factor.

Plus, when they have been exposed in the high pressure environment, it will be easier for them to blend in with different companies as they have faced difficulties first, from their previous companies they interns or works with. Studying abroad has advantages and disadvantages. But the most important thing is how the application on oneself to adapt to the situation when facing it. According to Hero article written by Rebecca (2017), every learner who intends to study abroad should assimilate only the beneficial and safe culture and customs from that country and completely abstain from bad customs or habits.

As a result, a prosperous and multicultural educated generation can be proudly of are produced. In this matter, government should take action for preparing and offering full scholarship to this group of people to encourage them studying abroad for they may have the chance to rule the nation after that. With the knowledge they have, the specialty they learn in their field of study, they can help the next generation in the country land for guidance and helps.

This will make them work even harder to make sure when they come back, they will be somebody to be remembered. It is not about the title, but it is about the knowledge they brought to be emphasize by the future leader in their country land. With that, studying abroad brings good impacts of rewarding and life enriching, survival skills and international experience.


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