As real identity. Out of their common interest,

As shown in the first episode, D’Artagnan?who was from a typical aristocratic family of seventeenth-century in French, was young and victorious. In order to realize his dream, became a brave Musketeers of the Guard, he came to Paris.
The second and the third episode introduce the three musketeers,and tell us how the protagonist knows with the three musketeers. As everyone knows, the Musketeers of the Guard have long been usurped power by cardinal Richelieu and was dissolved and sent to the front to fight the British. Dadanion ran to the headquarters to ask for enlistment, but inadvertently angered three musketeers – Athos, Porthos and Aramis.
At the duel, D’Artagnan start to respect them after he knew their real identity. Out of their common interest, they united with their hearts to defeat the Cardinals who were about to arrest them and, as a result,they became a irrevocable friends. Later, D’Artagnan was unfortunately taken prisoner by the bishop of Cardinals and put into jail. In the fifth episode, at the time of his escape, he accidentally got a plot that Cardinals would send a woman to the Duke of Buckingham, England, to reach an agreement that would be extremely unfavorable to France. However, D’Artagnan was again captured by Cardinals. Before his execution, he was finally rescued by three Musketeers in time.
A diamond necklace come up in the sixth episode, which reveal the conspiracy to drive a wedge between the king and the queen. the nine episode is a story of a count ball. The Cardinals forged the epistle to the Queen’s old lover – lied Duke of the United Kingdom Buckingham to go to Paris, the Duke saw the Queen and talked about the pain, as a result the Queen then donated a diamond necklace to cherish the memory of them. the Cardinals bishop takes advantage of this opportunity to repeatedly make statements to the king, to let the king organize court ball and require the queen to wear the necklace. Fortunately, D’Artagnan went to London and took the necklace back.
In order to stop the act of the female spider (Milady de Winter, who come up in tenth episode), Musketeers hurried to Calais, and simultaneously they were closely followed by Cardinals’ killers. In order to ensure correct action, Musketeers decided to disperse attack. A beautiful woman rescued D’Artagnan, who was paralyzed on his way, and tried to seduce him, but when she discovered that he is D’Artagnan, she escorted him to Calais. There, in the eleventh episode three Musketeers defeated the Cardinals’ woman spider, rescued D’Artagnan and learned from the woman that someone was brewing to assassinate the King at the King’s birthday.
At the end of this book, four Musketeers eager to return to Paris, on the occasion that assassins guns aimed at the king,D’Artagnan stopped the assassin in time. After some fierce fighting, the musketeers finally achieved the final victory, defending the king’s throne. The king commended the loyalists and reorganized the Musketeers, and D’Artagnan also had his wish fulfilled – became a glorious and real musketeer.


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