As is not sufficient and it leads to

As shown in fig.

insulation of steam pipelines is not sufficient and it leads to high heat loss in steam. As piping work and insulation provided is done by local person, also installation of boiler is not as per standards. Low boiler effectiveness leads to high consumption of fuel and low productivity.

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Hence re-design of steam system is necessary.By proper inspection and observation during the training period in swami textiles, we concluded some of the reasons behind it.Some of the main reasons we have considered are,1. Use of low quality wood fire boiler the steam quality is poor at the generation so that it is getting wet near to point of application. Wood has lower calorific value and improper maintenance may cause of lower quality steam.

2. Lower steam quality is because of poor insulation technique or degraded material used for insulation.3. Improper designed pipelines and unnecessary length of the steam carrying pipe cause the pressure drop in the pipe & it leads to condensation.


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