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As previously mentioned, job advertisements are designed to attract applicants but they must do so quickly. Job descriptions tend to be very lengthy and detailed making it difficult for applicants to isolate the relevant information and for you to capture their interest. Adverts should be short (about 500 words), consistent with your company brand and voice and able to grab attention quickly by clearly outlining the Job Title, Location and Salary followed by an overview of the Requirements and a brief description of the Role and Company.

More detailed information can be given at a later date, such as during the interview process or upon request.If you do not differentiate between the job description and the job advert, you may find yourself posting a job description to the job boards which is dull, lengthy and unappealing to candidates and missing out on candidates finding your job and being compelled to apply. However, if you can draw out the essential criteria from the description and use this in your advert (whilst retaining a sense of your brand and relevant keywords) your advert will be engaging, interesting, and informative whilst performing well in searches. This means that you will have a much better success rate in attracting the best candidates to your company.

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