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As people’s negative impact on the highly developed industry is not expected, the prevention is unfavorable, leading to three major global crises: resource shortage , environmental pollution and ecological damage . Environmental pollution refers to natural or man-made damage, the act of adding a substance to the environment and exceeding the self-purification ability of the environment. (Or due to human factors, the environment is polluted by harmful substances, causing the growth and reproduction of living things and the normal life of human beings to be adversely affected.) Due to human factors, the composition or state of the environment changes, and the environmental quality declines, thereby disturbing and destroying. The phenomenon of ecosystems and human normal production and living conditionsAccording to environmental factorsAir pollution , water pollution , soil pollutionAccording to the source of the nature of the environmental pollutionChemical pollution, biological pollution, physical pollution (noise pollution, radioactive pollution, electromagnetic wave pollution, etc.) solid waste pollution, liquid waste pollution, energy pollution. 3 Land pollution: The cleanup of garbage has become an important issue in major cities.

Many of the 10 million tons of garbage per day cannot be incinerated or corrupted, such as the first enemy of humans such as plastics, rubber and glass.Marine pollution: mainly crude oil leaking from oil tankers and oil wells , pesticides and fertilizers used in farmland, sewage discharged from factories, and acidic solutions from mines; they cause most of the marine lakes to be polluted, resulting in not only marine life. Victims are that birds and humans may also be poisoned by eating these creatures.Air pollution: refers to the concentration of pollutants in the airDegrees reach or exceed the degree of harmfulness, leading to the destruction of the normal survival and development of ecosystems and humans, causing harm to people and organisms.

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This is the most direct and serious, mainly from carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide released from factories, automobiles, power plants , etc. Every day, people are exposed to these dirty air and get infected with respiratory organs or visual organs.Water pollution: refers to the change of characteristics of chemical, physical, biological or radioactive pollution caused by the intervention of a certain substance, which affects the effective use of water, endangers human health or damages the ecological environment, and causes deterioration of water quality. .Source of pollutionEnvironmental pollution sources are mainlyThe following aspects:(1) Waste smoke, waste gas, waste water, waste residue and noise discharged from the factory ;(2) Waste smoke, exhaust gas, noise, dirty water, garbage discharged from people’s lives;(3) Exhaust gases and noise emitted by vehicles (all fuel vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc.);(4) Water that is used after irrigation of farmland using chemical substances such as chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides ;(5) Mine wastewater and waste residue;(6) Machine noise, electromagnetic radiation, carbon dioxide pollution;The main pollutants in the air are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides , particulate pollutants, and acid rain.


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