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As a conclusion, classroom management has the largest effect on students’ achievement. The students cannot learn in a classroom poorly managed, such as the one that I observed.

In this classroom we had seen how the students are passive leaners and how they misbehaved all time and didn’t benefit from the learning time because of the lake of discipline. The main reason was the absence of rules in her classroom, so the learning environment wasn’t effective and favorable for helping all students work cooperatively in order to learn. So we can conclude that a poorly classroom management is the main reason of the misbehaviors. Then, as a teacher we should determine the goal of the misbehavior and know how to deal with it, in other term she should fill the ABC Functional Behavioral Assessment, by specifying the Antecedent, the Behavior, and the Consequences.

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Besides, there are many theories about classroom management like: Assertive discipline theory of Canter; Tools of teaching theory of Jones; Social discipline theory of Dreikur’s; Reality therapy, Choice theory, and Quality schools theory of Glasser; and Teacher effectiveness training theory of Gordon. Each theorist has his own model to manage his classroom and to deal with the misbehaviors.Otherwise, a proactive teacher is the teacher who can, based on these theories, develop a plan and create a discipline model to deal with the misbehaviors before they occur. Thus, to reach this goal, each teacher should implement a clear rules and consequences, build a good relationship with her students, meet students’ need, prepare her curriculum based on her students’ abilities and interests, encourage the students to engage them, and make the classroom a safe and challenging environment for an effective learning. Finally, teacher-student relationships provide an essential foundation for effective classroom management, and classroom management is a key for high student’s achievement.


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