As non-verbal communication skills. Here, in MRCBGK could observe

As a future engineer, the students
need to have good communication skills, mastered in time management and need to
own initiative to move forward. Besides that, there are also other good traits
that students should have such as good character and morality. This will help
the student in adapting in the working environment and survive with the
responsibility and work load.

Communication is how information
is transferred from one party to another party. It can be transferred verbally
which is through conversation and discussion It is the most used ways in
transferring information whether to an individual or a team. Besides, there is
also non-verbal communication which are actions that shows when one is
conversing or discussing. It portrays how the person feels when one is
conversing or discussing. Examples are eye contact, hand gestures, tone and
others. Communication skills is one of the most significance skill needed as how
well the information can be transferred determined how good our communication
skills are.

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In MRCBGK, intern communicate with
different level of people such as managers, engineers, human resource, IT,
colleagues and others. This has been a great opportunity for the interns to
improve our communication skills as we are dealing with various people with
different background. Therefore, interns need to adapt on how to communicate
with those different level of people. It is importance to master this skill
because an effective communication can prevent any confusion and
misunderstanding that may lead to conflicts and problem at workplace. It also
can help the author to have a better understanding on the situation as well as
the personality of the person the author is conversing. 

Moreover, the author also learned
to improve my non-verbal communication skills. Here, in MRCBGK could observe
how to be a good speaker and listener as the author entered their meetings and
briefings. The author could see how the managers and engineers conduct the
meetings and meetings and how they deal with the colleagues and superiors. When
discussing with the managers and engineers, it taught the author on how to be
an active listener and convey message to be delivered simpler way so people
understand better.

3.1.2 Time Management

Time management is how we
organize and plan our time to complete our task. It is needed in order for us to
finish task given within the time given. Instead, a proper planning can help to
simplify and complete the task faster. Fortunately, the Host Company has
provided training activities schedule for us to keep track on which progress
the interns should be in throughout the internship period.  Working environment is indeed very different
during studies as task given by superior have little time allocation as they
are urgent for the company compared given by lecturers.

In MRCBGK, there were times the
working loads are bigger than some other times. For example, when they are
drawings to be submitted. Therefore, the author need to prioritize the drawing
submission before other works. This teach the author to prioritize the task
according to their level of urgency which means the author will settle the task
that is urgently needed to be settled followed by less importance. Furthermore,
the authors learn not to accumulate the task given to avoid procrastination.

Regarding the working hours in
MRCBGK, the working hours started from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. It means the author
need to be punctual for work. The company also entitle 1.5 days leave per month
for the interns. Therefore, we need to plan and arrange our annual leave very
well during the internship period. 


Initiative defined as readiness
and ability in initiating actions or an introductory act or step that could
lead to action. In term of internship training, initiative is defined as volunteer
acts and without need to be ordered, to achieved knowledge and experience from
the experts of the field. Thus, in order to gain the knowledge, we need to be
proactive and reads a lot of materials in order to have better understanding.

Ask and learn from the expertUndeniably, having someone as a
mentor to guide is a good way to gain knowledge. In MRCBGK, we have many
engineers and architects with different speciality. Therefore, if the author
wants to know about something or when we have questions regarding the projects,
the author could just go and ask him or her to explain to us. Read and revised from the shared folderIn MRCBGK, they have a folder
that enclosed all the information about the project. Through the folder, the
author gest to know more about the project as all the information can be read
through the documents and reports.


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