As an average 1.93 hrs. , in

As depicted about “Daily Line& Weekly Bar” table and the line graph, in week-1 the exerciser managed togive on an average 1.

93 hrs. , in week-2 2.11 hours, in week-3 3.14 hours and in wek-4 , 3.54 hours. From theabove graphical representation it can be seen that though the exercising performanceof the exerciser in GYM suddenly declined to around 50 minutes duringNovember-4-November-5 but still he has managed to maintain a good weeklyaverage performance and also managed to maintain the trend of performanceenhancement in each new week, and it helps the exerciser to work out around3.

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54 hours or 4 hours in the latest or final week under study.From the analysis of the datathe following facts can be noticed. The time spending in the fitness in GoodLife fitness club hasincreased by an average amount of 2-4 hours per week. In week-1 the time spendby the exerciser in GYM is around 2 hours which is close to the target ofspending 2.

5 hoursBesides as the exerciser hasspent an average hours of 2.11hours (3hrs target), 3.14 hours (3.5 hrs target),3.54 hours(4 hrs target)  forweek-2,week-3, week-4 respectively and thus the short term targets are beingfulfilled to a great extent.Discussionand RecommendationsThe fact from leading a sedentarylife, I was able to increase my average amount of time in the gym by 2-4hours/week reflects a significant change in target behavior.

Apart from the changesassociated with target behavior or change in my health, it was observed that mylevel of determination during this period had increased significantly which wasunintended in nature reflecting positive psychological impact.   I’m recommended that theexerciser while enhancing his exercising time in the GYM should always asseshis physical capability so that the target goal can be altered in order to avoidover exercising or under exercising schedules so that the exact weight loosinggoal can be easily attained. The exerciser is not only losing weight but also gettingin to shape, which is helping the exerciser to attain a confident behavior inevery aspect of life.


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