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As long as I can remember, becoming a good writer has always been my goal in school and I believe every paper that is assigned makes me a better one. However, being successful in writing was not easily achieved as struggles quantified the entire process. I often ask myself at what specific instance did I become a successful writer, but I have always desisted from rushing to what might be perceived as the most obvious answer.

Assignment #1 was critical towards the process of developing to being a proficient writer. While analyzing content from various newspapers, I was able to identify how to select credible sources, develop a central argument, organize, and persuade audience of how various authors approach a story. As such, providing a specific answer to how I became a writer is in itself flawed. I am yet to become a proficient writer as some of my writing require improvement. Assignment #1 depicts my growth as a writer with formulation of a clear thesis, effective essay organization, use of support materials, and improved grammar instantiating this claim while further improvements in the clarity of subordinate ideas promising to take my writing a notch higher.

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Developing the central idea was made better consequently improving my caliber as a writer. Writing requires having a central argument which one will need to find supportive materials in order to persuade the audience. Previously, I encountered numerous challenges when formulating central ideas. However, the experience acquired when writing Assignment #1 essay highlighted the need to have a clear and focused argument upon which the essay was to be established. An effective thesis is critical to writing a meaningful discussion as it creates a platform whereby the audience will be able to interpret the purpose of the essay. This aspect is identifiable in Assignment #1 whereby a clear central idea gives meaning to the essay. For instance, the central argument in the Assignment #1 presents that the agenda-setting theory is applied by different media in presenting a similar story uniquely to the audience to perceive the story differently as desired. The audience of the essay will be able to relate the preceding subordinate ideas in capturing the central idea.

Assignment#1, therefore, illustrates my positive development as a writer as instanced by the central idea.Assignment #1 involves was of great significance in learning how to keep the audience oriented to the main argument as well as subordinate ideas which indicates positive growth as a writer. While a writer may have a credible thought or aim while writing an essay, the effectiveness of the inherent writing is determined by the degree in which the targeted audience is maintained throughout the essay. As such, a disconnection in the flow of ideas may confuse the reader consequently making it impossible, to some extent, in orienting the audience to an argument. Assignment #1 highlighted the need to focus on having a clear thesis as well as meaningful subordinate ideas in support of the central claim. In the same way, my writing was enhanced upon the discovery that logical and sequential flow of ideas persuades, directs, and sustains the audience throughout the essay.

Aspects such as a transition from one idea to another were identified as necessary for introducing the reader to the various visions of the essay while being directed towards a certain claim. For instance, Assignment #1 makes use of transitional phrases and words such as “on the other hand” to introduce the reader to another division which reflects my growth as a writer. While the introduction paragraph introduced the central idea to the reader, the body paragraphs presented the supporting ideas with the conclusion stressed on the main claim and encompassing the audience with the sense of completion.

The assignment, therefore, signified my improved essay organization skills in writing an effective essay.Making a credible argument requires good grammar and supporting the claim with credible sources which I was able to identify from Assignment #1. Although a writer may have persuasive arguments and good organization, poor grammar, as well as lack of supportive information, might render the essay ineffective. In my case, I was able to improve as a writer from a relatively humble beginning quantified with grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes with some words being limited in communicating the intended idea. Assignment #1 also illustrates how credible sources are necessary for an effective essay while being able to differentiate my opinions from assertions by other writers signifying growth as a writer.

For instance, using quotation marks as in “one of the most bizarre public dramas in memory” and footnotes articulates ideas borrowed from other articles which, therefore, sets apart my claim from others.Subordinate ideas in Assignment 1 illustrates areas I need to improve. Despite the fact that the idea is clearly stated, a reader may fail to comprehend a sub-claim presented in a given paragraph. Intrinsically, Assignment #1 body lacks well-articulated topic sentence in orienting the reader the idea discussed in a paragraph. A topic sentence makes it clear for the audience to relate the supportive claim with the central argument. Although the sub-claim is integrated within a paragraph, it may take longer for the reader to identify the subordinate idea addressed. As a result, sustaining the inherent reader can be challenging which, therefore, call for improvement in this area.My writing has improved positively as exampled by the clear argument, good organization, and bettered grammar alongside the use of credible sources as exampled by Assignment #1 with use of topic sentence calling for melioration.

Since the start of the course, an improvement in writing a clear and meaningful claim is notable. Moreover, Assignment #1 articulates how I have grown from novice to a proficient writer in terms of good grammar and good organization which sustains the reader throughout the essay and presents well-documented facts from credible sources. However, it is important to improve in reflecting subordinate ideas using clear topic sentences. Nevertheless, Assignment #1 clearly indicates my growth as a writer.


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