As below 1- Risk of abuse As

                       As technology evolves, it makes human life easy but same time it bringslot of challenges. Internet, social media, mobiles, laptops and othertechnologies has taken different heights, it has make human life fast, hasreduce the distance but simultaneously created emotional gaps in families,friends and society. Increasing use of technology and social media has damagingimpact on children and young people emotional and physical growth.

Few of theseare given below1-      Risk of abuseAs internet and social networking become an integral part of our day today life. Children and young people are highly affected with its demerits.While using internet, chatting sites and social media apps children are highlyexpose to abusers.They can gain children trust by pretending friend or of their age andlater they can abuse physically, emotionally and sexually.  2-      Risk of personal and confidentialinformation leakHackers and internet miss users can get personal and confidentialinformation when children or young people are on social media and are notsupervised or guided properly. This can lead to blackmailing and abusingdifferent ways. 3-      Expose to inappropriate and unethicalinformationOn internet children are exposedto connecting with abusers. They can easily reach to unethical andinappropriate contents and material.

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This can have severe personality damages.They can be trapped by abusers with use of such contents.  4-      Health issuesSpending an hours and hours on internet and social media resulting invarious health issues like ·        Weakening of eye sight·        Neck strain·        Back pain·        Joint and muscles issues·        Hair loss 5-      Less physical activatesDue to usage of internet children and young people hardly find time forphysical activities, sports and exercise. That results in poor health growth,digestion issues, and psychological issues.

  6-      Social and family lifeSocial media has destroyed family bonding. People hardly find time tovisit family and friends. Everything is done through social media, whether tocheck on each others, greeting and wishes. This creates artificial relationsand bonding.

This way they lose the opportunity of learning from their elderfamily members and friends. 7-      Restrict mental and intellectualgrowthAs everything is easily available on internet, children and young peoplefind it more convenient to use it for their study and general knowledge. Thisway they don’t use their mind to read books or do research. This makes themlazy and overall their mental and intellectual growth is restricted.

 8-      Character developmentChildren and young people normally get inspired from hero in a film, cartooncharacter or video game characters. They tend to be like them and eventuallylearn negative aggression, physical violence, short tempered.      References:                              www.                                                 › Healthcare Resources › Blog 1.                                                                 https://www.useoftechnology.

com › Techucation2.      


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