As gasoline, natural gas, and electricity greatly

As days passes by the world is industrialized and modernized at the same time air pollution increases. Which highly affect our daily life and can cause health problems.

As a person these are the list of things that I can do to help reduce air pollution. Planting trees, trees are very essential to human life. It removes carbon dioxide produced in the environment and clean the air by absorbing odors, chemicals and removing dust and particles from the air.Saving energy, using less gasoline, natural gas, and electricity greatly helps.

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Conserving energy as well as recycling things helps the environment a lot. For instance, switching off unused lights, buying efficient appliances to use like energy saving bulbs that consume less electricity. The less energy we all use, the lower our demand is on our use of power, which means less pollution.

In taking a bath, low-flow showerheads also helps save energy. Avoiding the use of insecticide, Insecticide contaminates air affecting human, animal and plants. The chemicals can stay in the atmosphere for longer period of time. Insecticide will not only contaminate air but will also affect water and soil.

Minimizing Air Pollutants, Always try to minimize smoke emission, as it contributes a lot to air pollution. Composting dried leaves and kitchen waste, instead of burning them. Composting will also gives organic fertilizer for your garden. Limiting the amount of household products that contain harmful chemicals includes cleaning agents, paints, and glues.

Reducing Waste, A great amount of energy goes into the making everyday products. Preventing additional air pollution occurs when lowering the amount of energy we use. Recycling products, selecting items with recyclable packaging, reusing paper bag and following local recycling regulations pertaining to biodegradable and non-biodegradable helps save the environment from pollution.


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