As accordingly. 2) Notification/Alerts – Notification/Alerts feature will enable

As per my chosen business in Retail Sector which is My Food Bag,
which is an online platform for delivering Food. I would like to evaluate the
advantages and disadvantages of the 3-chosen software’s for this particular


Advantages of
the 3 Software’s for the Business My Food Bag

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Proworkflow has various advantages which will be beneficial for
the online retail Business which I have chosen, the advantages are as follows

Task Management -Task Management will be helpful for the business
to assign various tasks to employees, keep a deadline of tasks and work

Notification/Alerts – Notification/Alerts feature will enable the
end user clients to know accurately about their time of delivery and they will be
notified frequently about their orders.

Inventory Management – Inventory management feature will help the
manager to keep a track about the available and unavailable stocks/inventory.

Generating Invoices – This feature will enable the supervisor to
know about the open, closed, billed and unbilled invoices.

Workload Breakdown Report –  The gantt chart report will be helpful for the
Employer to know about the work timings of all employee’s, it will also be
helpful to track all the future deliveries of the Food Items. Dashboard feature
will allow the manager/supervisor to review all the assigned tasks to the
employee’s and track all the orders and know the order status.


Asana Advantages:


1)     Track
Progress – Tracking progress of the Organization becomes easier with Asana by
getting live status updates, solving the small issues before it becomes a big

2)     Improved
Collaboration – Improving the collaboration will allow to access the Goals,
Priorities, assigned tasks to employee’s and to track their status.

3)     Vendor
Management – Vendor Management is an important tool for the Business
Organization as this will allow to keep track of the vendors, their contact
details, demand and supply of the inventory requirements.

4)     Marketing
Brand Campaigns – For my chosen business it is really important to keep doing
some Marketing Activations as the particular start up business is new in New
Zealand. So, to create a brand image it is very important to do some campaigns,
Asana provides features such as Campaign brief and launch timeline, overall
goals and success metrics, media plan and campaign messaging feature. These
features will be helpful for the Business to create Brand Awareness and work
according to the budgeted plans.


Smartsheet Advantages:


1)     Project Plans
and Schedules – This feature will allow to standardize key project elements,
increase speed and improve collaboration with scalable options that fit
individual work preferences of the employee’s in the Organization.

2)     Program
Rollups – This feature will enhance
reporting with rich, real-time metrics, elevate program visibility with rollups
that summarize progress across projects, and increase stakeholder confidence
and trust.

3)     Strategic
Planning – This feature will allow the Organization to proactively chart their
visions, track and report the Organizations success and failures on a large

4)     Resource
Management – Resource Management can control the central project pages and
timelines; project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track
of resources and deadlines. Live alerts keep project managers and stakeholders
informed of all activity on projects and tasks.

(Smartsheet, Solutions,
n. d)



of the 3 Software’s for the Business My Food Bag


Complication – At times there are certain tasks which doesn’t
require a project management software, and can be done without the
application.  By using this application
everything has to be recorded in the given application and it can make simple
tasks also very complicated.

Accessibility –  Proworkflow solutions offer the possibility of
multiple user access. The most sophisticated versions of online applications
can enable access for dozens of users. The collaborative benefits of multi-user
access are great. But we also need to address access control concerns to avoid
unauthorized viewing of sensitive project data.


1)     Inflexibility – Doing Business Projects in Asana are
highly fluid by nature – they require constant modifications and updating, so
the business when it is attached to the software, at times becomes inflexible.

2)     Data Security and File Sharing– Storing the
confidential data of the Business can be a threat since Asana has an 3rd
party storage via the Amazon Server, and the confidential files can be shared
easily if there is an access of the admin control.


Costly – As compared to the other 2 software applications, Smartsheet
is costlier than the other two software applications, for my business it is
important to calculate the Return on Investment after investing a good amount on
the software.

Billing – As compared to other 2 software’s Smartsheet application
is billed annually with minimum 3 users purchase limit, so there is a
restriction on single user’s usage.


APA Referencing

 Smartsheet, Solutions


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