As planning which focus on objective of

As a vehicle cannot be used in the absence of fuel, similarly a country is not able to run without good and generous governance.

Good governance has a real and strong role behind a country or organization’s improvement and development. In this kind of governance, the human rights are supported, justice is provided, and law or rules are regulated. Also there is the presence of equal opportunities for all people in the society. (Abrahamsen,2000). Good governance is the study of planning which focus on objective of the organization and specify how members can achieve it, organizational performance which monitor the performance of individuals in the club and leadership that leads the organization or club based on right decision-making. In today’s world, good governance preserves approximately all the rights of people and creates a condition to let each individual feels that there are no discrimination in terms of personality, religion, belief, gender, and race.

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(Escap,2006). The present paper tends to discuss the case Manchester United Football Club and goes through it to apply the principles of good governance and evaluate the best practices and challenges on the organization as well as find out how to overcome these challenges.


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