As because liberty is something given to someone,

As a result, all of this initiation to the movement gave women the right to define their freedom and liberty. In this period of time when women were oppressed they had no clue of what was their freedom and liberty as a human being, they wouldn’t even think about it since it was “normal” to be oppressed but not because something is normal it means that it is right. It’s quite complicated to clearly understand the difference between freedom and liberty but there are two powerful quotes that clearly express both of this terms for women. “We wanted to be thinking human beings and take responsibility of running this world equally with men.” (International School History, 2012, 15:14) The second quote talks about freedom, it clearly states women wanted to think and act by themselves to do what they wanted in the world so they could discover their identity, skills and purpose to society. Freedom is all about the individual doing what he or she wants without anyone restricting or prohibiting their actions, women wanted for men to respect their individuality and let them manage their own life in every single area possible. “We didn’t know quite what we were doing in our relationships but they were going to be equal. Equal was our word.” (International School History, 2012, 11:42) This first quote talks about the liberty women wanted because liberty is something given to someone, women wanted to be equal to men in many aspects such as rights, jobs, responsibilities, privileges and opportunities therefore this could be given to them through the government just like in the Civil Rights movement.


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