As aggression and violence will arise both in

As a consultant, I would like to emphasize to the OHS team, the need to build a systematic risk review with cooperation of workers, in order to ensure all parties are committed to the process of frequent identification, evaluation, reporting and general management of these, between hospital units.

First, I would propose using a fishbone diagram to analyse comprehensively per each hospital area. The Victorian audit report is a convenient starting point to identify risks and determine root causes of deficiencies. This process involves the identification of elements that affect the objectives of medical care, making a critical assessment of the reason why adverse situations occur, and how to identify and classify them according to levels of harm, resulting from aggression and occupational violence.

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Next, I would urge the use of a risk identification form or a checklist to determine the degree of impact and the likelihood that aggression and violence will arise both in health personnel and in patients, applicable while inspecting workplace. By doing this, OHS team could detect risks to categorize them.

Finally, the recognition of risks would allow a more informed decision, based on the selection of the most critical risk and execution of applicable control procedures. Hence, key elements of this process is the collaboration of employees and customers to preserve the constant risk identification system and immediate notification to improve the performance of the Health and Safety at Work of the Memorial Hospital “Dame Joan Sutherland”.


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