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As a college student it is essential to know how to seek a job and face my interviewers wisely. The Employment Guide is very helpful, I found out that in order to set your goals, I must know myself first, my strengths and skills. Before the Interview, I must be ready with my portfolio, CV and cover letter, I already knew that because it was discussed back in my high school days, although reading that guide gave me a good recall.
I know now what to do during an Interview, but for me the key fact is to listen, for me to know what the interviewer is asking. Of course the guide taught me how to face the interview, but not only how I speak, but also how I dress, styling tips is very useful, it gives me an impression to my interviewer for who I am as a whole person. Dressing properly is a must, I have to be formal and professional not only in skills but also how I look.
I also learned that after an Interview, this is when I negotiate and be thankful because I had an opportunity to be somehow a part of their team.
By reading this guide it is very eye opening, for some facts that I thought I already knew but I realized, not really. It taught me how to be a good job seeker and be ready for the real interview in the near future.


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