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As a child I have always wondered what the world had install for me, later on in life I realized how much of an impact I had on everyone else. I grew up partially in the middle east where I was open to a lot of extra curriculum activities at school, I quite enjoyed school cultural events which related to how I can impact others through my ideas and knowledge, such as Model United nations and Debate (MUN) which open my perspective on other people’s opinions and allowed to connect and understand their culture. Furthermore outside of school I enjoy playing sports such as Basketball, as far as partaking in community games regularly, I help volunteer to recruit some underprivileged associates in our community. Moreover occasionally going on a run around the community is something which I very much love although the is nothing much to see besides desert it allows to me clear my mind and also improve my physic and fitness level .Additionally I very much enjoy playing soccer, it helps creates close bonds and trust between my teammates, also it can create friendships and a sense of togetherness which I fell as though it very beneficial.Finally


I'm Owen!

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