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Article Summary:The article ” Social Networking Benefits Validated”, written by Karen Goldberg Gaff, is posted in January 28, 2009 on ‘The Washington Times’. This article is about the social media. Author mainly focused on the advantages of social media for teenagers as well as role of parents and rules for teenager, how to use social media effectively.

According to the writer the research conduct at the University of southern california and the university of california at bakery, found that social networking is encouraging useful skill. The research at more than 5000 hours of online examination and found that modern technology creating new chance for teenagers to know social norms, explore interest, develop technical skills and self dependence. Although the passing more time on social media will quite harm on the behavior of the teenagers, author says that, spending time online is beneficial for young people to increase the knowledge of social and technical skills.

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According to the lisa Tripp, assistance professor of florida state university says social media like YouTube, ipod and podcasting, creates path for increasing ones circle of friend, boosts self directed learning and fosters independence. Also learning to interface providing to the common flow of culture. Ms. Tripp also add most of the teenagers use mys.

pace and facebook to hangout with people and to find like- minded people. She says by the social media teenagers can publicize and distribute their work to online audiences. Fair fax county mother says “social media is the main medium for kids keeping in touch”. She says “facebook is a quick progression, if you are not on facebook then you are not the loop”.According to the research, parents also have an vital role for their children. Parents should also aware about these technology as well as they have to know, with whom the teens are communicating. Monica villa, founder of the says “parents need to set parameters just as they would at other playground”.

She also says that “parents also should presence on their child’s online social network”. She says “parents should set the ground rules early and be trying to catch up”.Author also highlights some rules. He says, you have to aware of who is tagging you in a photo and do not posted your private things as status.

Because it will directly or indirectly hunt you. Parents should also care or look after their children daily activities.Finally, the author wants to clarify about the importance, of social media as well as how it change the life of teenagers and some regulation of using social media effectively through this article. At the very least social networking is encouraging technology skills.


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