Kristen resources. The city was naturally protected

Kristen Grothues11/26/18Dr. Mann Western Civ. 1301CarthageLocated off the coast of North Africa, only ruins remain where the once thriving ancient metropolis of Carthage once stood. Starting out a little trade community, the established by the Phoenicians in 814 BCE, the city rapidly expanded in land, population and wealth. Carthage soon dominated the Mediterranean Sea with […]

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Being lines of the movies to structure and

Being a part of the majority of every child’s childhood, the entertainment that animated films bring to younger lives imprint and leave marks on a child’s memory. With the adult humour, sarcasm, and mockery that the majority of these so called ‘children movies’ contain make them suitable and loved towards that of the elder generations […]

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`The to sculpt the giant granite pillars

`The history of Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore were two separate occurrences that took place in two different distinct periods in the history of the United States. Crazy Horse part of the Lakota Sioux who was known for his battle skills as well as his efforts, which he applied to preserve the traditions of the […]

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Ghina Building as an example. One of the

Ghina ZeidTechnological OrnamentationLebanese American UniversityDigital tools are creating new ornamentation in a valuable way. Technology is becoming a part of many buildings. For example, Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster, and Jeanne Gang used digital tools successfully to create designs that turned to be remarkable landmarks. In my paper, I will argue that ornamentation generated by the […]

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Stonehenge: first stones to be erected at

Stonehenge:* New geological research is currently being carried out to identify the sites of origin more accurately. How the stones were transported for over 250km (156 miles) to Stonehenge remains unknown, but it is probable that a combination of transport via water networks and hauling over land brought them to the site. The larger sarsen […]

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AMITY or more projectiles driven by rapidly

AMITY INSTITUTE OF FORENSIC SCIENCES GENERAL FORENSIC SCIENCE (FSIC 605) ASSIGNMENT FIREARMS AND THEIR CONSTRUCTIONS    MAJJI SAI SUDHA RANI ENROLLMENT NO: A5901118043 DECLARATIONI Majji. Sai Sudha Rani (A5901118043), hereby declare that the following assignment “FIREARMS AND THEIR CONSTRUCTION” is my work carried out under the guidance of Dr. Prateek Pandya in AMITY UNIVERSITY, NOIDA and the materials referred are appropriately sited in the references page at the […]

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