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Technology is an important advancement to all civilizations. The attitude the Chinese expressed was the need to help the common people with useful technology; while the Romans thought that the need for new technology was of little significance and that it had nothing to do with the upper classes. During the first centuries of the Roman and Han Empire had many mixed emotions on the thoughts of new technologies developing. Because of the contrast of the positive and negative sides of the new developments, people could have many mixed emotions on the topic. Most of the pros and cons on the thoughts of new technologies mostly categorised into practicality, beauty, and
A Han government official expressed an attitude for new technology, especially for the lower class people in the Hans society in Doc 2. The article states that tools were produced by families which were well made. However, when tools were made by the state using convict labor they were not very functional (Doc 2). This article helps explain that the Han valued their tools because they were an essential factor in the labor they did. In Document 3 it mentions a wise mythological emperor invented the pestle and mortar, which were tools that provided efficiency to the grinding process of items such as wheat. The pestle and mortar was also later used on a wider scale with animals that helped speed up the process of the grinding on a larger scale. These documents both express the tone that the Chinese people continued to advance and improve upon inventions with a positive view of technology.
Tu Shih, the appointed governor of Nanyang loved the common people and wanted to save their labor. Document 4 talks about the water-powered blowing engine he invented and how it helped the common people.

Roman political leader Gaius Gracchus, was said to be anxious about the attention to detail to the roads being built (Doc 6.). A higher class Roman Philosopher who was an advisor to Emperor Nero talks about why he doesn’t care which invention came first and how they were made by a person with a nimble quick mind, but not an elevated or great mind. Showing the view that upper class people had on technology and how they believed technology to be beneath them.(Doc 7)

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The Han had a positive view on technology compared to the Romans since the Han thought of technology as being an essential part of life. While Romans viewed technology as more of an advantage for the lower classes then the higher classes. The Han and Roman empires had different views on technology but both were very influential in their technological advancements and developments.


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