Aristotle’s empiricist view that knowledge is obtained

Aristotle’sviews on imagination were that when we have sensations and experiences thatcauses the images we see to become memories. When these images become memoriesit in a way creates a sense of reality for us as humans. This in a way alignswith the empiricist view that knowledge is obtained through experiences andevents. Aristotle also believed that happiness was obtained by doing what fulfills onespurpose in life. This purpose being that humans can think rationally.

He alsoput emphasis on how to live the best life and that is through maintaining amoderation and by balancing the appetites we have as humans. This would also meanto find the “mean” in life. The nativistview put their emphasis on what is inherited by ones genes as the explanationfor the origins of ones attributes. The empiricist placed emphasis on the roleof experience (also aligns with the previous paragraph about Aristotle’s viewof experiences). The example in the book was about an all-star basketballplayer and how much of their talent was from genetics versus coaching,training, and practicing. All though they are both factoring contributors toones attributes it can be iffy to determine which one plays a bigger role (incertain situations).Empiricists believe that knowledge is gained through experiences and event. Itis through this “description of reality” that empiricists shape their truthsand knowledge acquired.

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Rationalists put more focus on reasoning versusempiricists’ interactions and memories to explain knowledge and truths.In mycomment on a discussion post I discussed how it is interesting to think abouthow images are stored as memory and how we use this memory as knowledge andtruths for future reference and understanding. When Aristotle said “For humans,our purpose is to think rationally, and therefore doing so brings the greatesthappiness”, and how that quote aligned with the Allegory of the Cave. When allthe men could see was a wall and shadows they created their own reality andassumptions from that and when they discovered the truth they could notunderstand it.

It makes sense that if we were to “Escape our bondage” we wouldfind a world we wouldn’t understand. That statement reminds me of the universeand how although we don’t know and we don’t understand it, over time we makestrides to understand it and it changes our perceptions and realities of whatreally is.


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