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Are you tired of the usual dishes you cook or eat in food chains that surround the Metro today? Are restaurants in the south such as Tagaytay or the north such as Pampanga getting even more crowded? If so, why not explore something different? Why not head Eastward? Within Angono in Rizal 30 kilometers east of Manila, there exists Balaw Balaw Restaurant and Art.

The menu is extensive of authentic Filipino cuisines, cooked in the traditional way. Classic dishes such as Kare-Kare, Ihaw-Ihaw and kaldereta have also been popular. Indeed, the menu is complete with every dish popular in the whole Rizal Province. however, it is also known for its exotic Filipino dishes.

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Some of these are fresh wood worms “uok”, fried crickets, “sinabawang balut” and dishes with frogs, snails, the very popular Soup No.5 made up of cow’s balls and the trademark Minaluto, are all serve to showcase the Filipino cuisine.Traditional foods are really part of our Filipino traditions but It will be a good image in the Philippines if even the millennials are really eating those kind of foods.

So let’s not forget those foods that made up us a 100% pinoy and promote the traditional foods even to the other country, because it will be a good idea that foreigners are visiting the Philippines not just because of our majestic places like Puerto princesa, Boracay, Bohol and etc. but also because they want to try our best dishes served in a traditional way.


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