Are renowned name in the world of cryptocurrency

Are you thinking about investing in a crypto trading platform that will yield high returns? There are a lot of these platforms out there and they all promise high returns. However, not all these platforms are legit as some fraudulent ones scam traders and make away with their funds. Therefore, it is ideal to keep posting reviews about these platforms so traders can be aware of the legit and fraudulent ones. When the legitimacy of a platform is clear enough, a trader can choose to invest in it, or not but that way, he is not scared of losing his hard-earned money.

  This article is a detailed review of the AvaTrade crypto trading platform, which happens to be a renowned name in the world of cryptocurrency trading. There are many unique features associated with this platform and they can all be seen when you visit their website so indeed you want to find out every detail and the legitimacy of this platform, then you are in the right place. History and Background of the AvaTrade PlatformThis platform is a renowned and established cryptocurrency, as well as a Forex trading broker. They offer many high-end features to their traders and their website is fully equipped for the process.

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When you carefully review the features of this platform, it is not hard to see that they are going to be around for a very long time. So far, all indications and claims have shown that the trading platform is legitimate and they are highly reliable. This trading platform was established and they have their headquarters located in Dublin, Ireland. They had their operations in as many as 150 countries across the globe and they are renowned for their high end trading services.

They also had several offices scattered across the world. They do not only offer the easiest trading environments for traders but are also a leading crypto trading and Forex broker.Their Licenses and Regulations AvaTrade is authorized in the EU and the BVI and they are fully regulated. They have also received further licenses and regulations from countries like South Africa, Australia and Japan. The licenses differ based on the issuing country:o   AVA Trade EU Ltd is dully regulated by the Irish Central Bank and has been issued a license number #C53877 and this is used for their entire operations in the EU. o   FFA Japan has licensed Ava Trade with the license number #1574, alongside FSA Japan #1662. o   Ava Capital Markets Australia Pty under the license number #406684 is regulated by the ACIC in Australia.o   Ava Capital Markets Pty under the license number #45984 is licensed by the FSB in South Africa.

This platform is legitimate, reliable and its excellent authorizations and regulations make the transition much easy. Therefore, if you have been looking to invest in some legitimate and trustworthy trading platform, you just found an ideal one.Conspicuous features of the AvaTrade platformTrading in a highly adverse and convenient automated trading package is one of the unique features offered by AvaTrade. This package is included as a component of the trading software itself.

These APIs and advanced trading strategies aid the traders to sort out their crypto trading with ease. In addition, the catch is that all these are being offered to their traders free of charge. These trading features are available to the traders for just the simple forex trading cost. The platform also enables the traders to trade with so much ease. Eight various trading options have been made available for the traders to choose from:§  Automated trading platforms§  The proprietary AvaTradeAct for Forex and CDF trading§  Floating spreads Meta Trader platform§  Web trading meta Trader platform§  Mac Meta Trader platform§  Mobile Trading Meta Trader platform§  Meta Trader 4 (MT4)The only payments required from the traders on the platform are for the given spreads used for crypto trading. High-end tools and advanced auto-trading instruments are all being offered to the traders as soon as they join the trading platform and all these are available for no extra charge.

This is encouraging to the traders who are looking forward to using those features to earn some profits in the trading industry. Famous Zulu is an auto-trading package that comes with the AvaTrade platform. When the traders use this feature, they are granted access to highly algorithmic trading that are components of the most recent versions of the crypto trading platform. An advanced assortment of several Advanced Trading Interfaces or APIs is the brains behind these trading systems. This in turn helps the traders create their various cryptocurrency automation or forex solutions as soon as they join.

This feature is really a unique benefit to the trades because of all known forex and crypto trading platforms, only AvaTrade offers this feature. The AvaTrade trading softwareAnother wonderful bundle of trading services is also available for these traders to maximize profits. One great aspect of this platform is that it has provisions for various types of traders that are involved in the crypto trading world. AvaTrade is indeed an ideal option to every trader out there, irrespective of your trading expertise; be it professional, intermediate and amateur level. There is also the manual and automatic trading platform available to everyone. As a broker, you have the ability to access over 250 crypto trading platforms. In addition, you have full access to highly updated minute charts, various useful analytical instruments and profitable trading indicators. All these are provided to enable traders increase their chances of earning high profits over the course of their trading.

The platform is user-friendly trading environment and is highly powerful.  Effective trading on the platform can be facilitated with just a single click.  Successful trading can be done from a single screen or device. In addition, the AvaTade platform can be customized to suit your trading style. The customized features of the platform have been programmed with unique characteristics such a advanced trading charts, live analysis of self trading, live feeds and so much more and this makes the trading process so much easy on the AvaTrade platform, you can also gain access to MT4 or Metatrader4. This platform is very successful and famous in the trading world.

  Trading with MT4 increases your chances and ability to make the best of the trading world by giving you access to higher experienced levels in the crypto trading world.Mirror Trade and Zulu are also famous platforms that can are accessible from the AvaTrading system. These platforms are one of the most famous and successful auto trading brokers in the crypto world.  Accessing these platforms will enable the trader to copy the trading styles of successful traders out there and try to replicate their success using auto-trading platforms anywhere in the world at any given time. As long as you have your computer and an internet connection, you can copy successful trades of experienced and skilled traders.

The AvaTrade Bitcoin Trading PlatformBitcoin trading on this platform is very easy. You are ready to begin bitcoin trade as soon as you create an account and on the platform and invested. Initial deposits of as low as $100 can be made on this platform. Various funding platforms like WebMoney, Paypal, Moneybookers, Neteller, Credit cards, Debit cards and so much more are available sources to fund your account on AvaTrade.

Fo bitcoin trading, the platform leverages 10:1. This is because crypto currency is regarded as a highly resilient asset. When considering the 10:1 leverage, the AvaTrade platform functions in the following way:If you have $4000 in your AvaTrade personal account and the market price of bitcoin is $4000, you can either purchase or sell it for a maximum of 40 bitcoins.

If you have done this, it means you have a buying power that is 40 times higher than your personal bankroll. You are able to buy one bitcoin with $1000 in a typical exchange but with theAvAtrade platform, you can buy as much as 10 bitcoins with the same chunk. There are also the known advantages and disadvantages associated with leveraged trading on the AvaTrade platform. You can make high profits if you are able to predict the market price direction. However, the downside of this form of trading is that it involves a lot of risk.

Your incurred losses could be high if the price moves against you. In the event that you like taking smaller risks or that are finding it difficult comprehending the methods of leveraging, you can still trade with ease on the platform. Exchanging bitcoins on AvaTradeIf you wish to sell off your bitcoins for a higher price after purchase on the platform, it can easily be done. If you feel the bitcoins you bought may lose their value after purchasing them, then you can sell them off without too. Ample profits can be made from the prospective decrease of value after you have sold the given CFD contract.

“Short Selling” is the term given to this sort of trade. This is also the term used by investment funds when their markets are losing value. Withdrawals and Deposits of AvaTradeAs soon as you start trading with AvaTrade, you should understand how the withdrawals and deposits within the system work. $100 is the minimum withdrawal that can be made on this platform. 400:1 is the maximum leverage value offered on the platform. As a trader, you should be aware that the amount of risk imposed on you by the platform is determined by the value you leverage. On the platform, you have the option of depositing funds with Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and it can be done through wire transfers. Alternatives like PayPal and Neteller, Moneybookers and WebMoney are also available.

There is also the personalized Ava card available for usage on the platform. All these were put in place for easy withdrawals and deposits for traders. No paperwork is required to complete these processes and this saves time. Therefore, if traders opt for thr Ava debut card option, the process is faster. The AvaTrade supportAs a famous and successful platform, the AvaTrade offers high-end customer support, guidance and assistance to their traders whenever it is required.

They have also ensured that aim towards the creation of some user-centered trading encounter for all their traders. They are readily available to support and enlighten traders on a great amount of information as have been discussed earlier. In addition to this, the provisional requirement made for the initial deposit on this platform is also quite a catch.

The trading portal is unique and substantially differentiates itself from other known legit platforms and their 24/5 customer care handled by an excellent team is more than traders could ever ask for. They have customer care support for as many as 12 different languages, with more in the works. This makes it easier and faster to resolve customer complaints. With their high-tech team available at all times, resolving complaints and at a short interval is achieved. Safety of AvaTradeThe Avatrade platform is a legitimate and highly reliable platform so if you are concerned about the safety of your investments then you do not need to worry. Their mode of trading is secure and entirely safe so your investments are guaranteed. The crypto trading platform says they are a subsidiary of a legitimate company that have trading market capitalizations valued for as much as $17 billion. This is not something we see every day in the crypto trading world and for sure, this creates the amazing dimension of credibility and high reliability to their traders.

AvaTrade platform is highly subject to extensive authorizations and European Union regulations and it is a reliable broker registered in Dublin, Ireland. The various authorizations and regulations are in place to ensure smooth trading activities over the platform. In addition to employing a team and completely core cadre of IT professionals, as well as data security, they have subscribed to the highest standard data security encryption. They also ensure their systems are updated regularly and glitches are fixed as soon as possible.

Other services offered by the AvaTrade platformü  Trading can be done anywhere, anytime even on your iOS and Android devices.ü  This reliable crypto trading platform is available for traders who are seriously looking to trade the most profitable options they can find. The AvaTrade platform offers trading alternatives like spot trading as well as OTC Vanilla option and all are available on one interface with as much as 30 currency pairs available.ü  They have ensured traders can have access to introductory level educational materials, economic calendar, free live webinars, technical analysis, market reviews, free forex signals, analysis materials, trading signals and anything else a trading amateur need to succeed in the crypto trading world. This way, traders are aware of the latest options that are lucrative and will yield the desired profits when they invest in them. ü  The Sharp Trader Educational centre is one of the awesome features available on this trading platform.

This amazing portal was designed to cater for the needs of both professional traders as well s beginners. In this trading portal, you can find a pile of equipment and essential tools that will aid your trading needs. These equipment and tools will help you trade on all levels and maximize profits. Pros·         Generous bonuses·         Fixed and floating spreads available·         Multiple trading choices·         Multiple languages support·         A highly regulated brokerConclusionThe AvaTrade platform is reputable and has been awarded severally for their high-end services and this can only mean they are here to stay.

They have stood out amongst the other trading platforms. If you are a trader looking for safety of your investments, this is the platform for you. The platform poses no threat whatsoever to your trading or investments because they are a legitimate and regulated trading portal. They have both automated as well as manual trading alternatives available. For beginners who have no idea trading in this field and are quite naïve, this platform is suitable for you. The interface is quite simple to use both for professionals, beginners, and their trading method are lucrative for everyone. As a very old crypto trading platform, you can completely trust their website for reliability and high-end services.

They are prompt with payments and their customer support is awesome. The trading platform is straight to the point and was created for serious trading. So in the event that you are looking to leave your prints in the sands of crypto trading, the AvaTrade platform have been designed for you.  


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