Are during the day to ventilate the rooms.7.

Are you one of those people who plan to spend less time cleaning the house, but you do not know how? See the advice of Procenex to leave your home clean in less time with the right cleaning products.1. I swept the rooms every day. The more often you clean the floors, the less time you will need a day to clean the house.2. Do not leave plates accumulated and wash them every time you use them. In this way, you can keep the kitchen organized.

3. Do not allow food to be left in the refrigerator. Reserve them in plastic containers with a lid. Do not forget to check the validity of the products, to avoid the storage of expired products that can leave a bad smell.4. Take the habit of making meals in the kitchen. This will help maintain the cleanliness of the other rooms in the house.

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5. Remove dust from surfaces daily with a multipurpose product. In addition to leaving well clean, the offices will remain with a pleasant fragrance.6.

Closed house is synonymous with smells. Leave doors and windows open for at least one hour during the day to ventilate the rooms.7. Do not leave dirty clothes scattered throughout the house.

Reserve a unique basket for these pieces.8. Does your bathroom have an unpleasant odor? Wet towels and carpets can be compromising the smell of the place, especially if there are no windows in the room. To avoid this, I spread the bath towels and rugs on an outdoor clothesline to dry correctly.9.

Do not leave dry toothpaste in the bathroom because it can stain surfaces.10. Discard those objects that are scattered around the house and are no longer used. Old magazines, broken toys, shoes in disuse.

An organized home is a clean house.TIPS TO REDUCE EXPOSURE IN CLEANING YOUR HOMEThe hormonal pollutants released from plastic materials in the home, from paints and varnishes on the walls, constituents of hygiene products, pesticides or tobacco smoke and automobiles, are concentrated in the dust. Therefore, it is essential to keep the place where you live or work as clean as possible and ventilate several times a day.

The following tips may also be helpful:1. HOW MUCH LESS INDUSTRIAL CLEANING PRODUCTS, BETTER. Always use natural products. The most used is baking soda (good washing-up soap), vinegar (as a disinfectant or washing machine softener), lemon (stain remover and disinfectant) and soda soap. They are healthier, they do not pollute the environment, and they are cheaper. You can make your recipes or follow the thousands that already exist on the internet.2.

AVOID THE ARTIFICIAL PERFUME. That space on your floor smells of flowers or pine (without them) does not mean that it is clean, but that it has been “stained” with a product that uses phthalates to fix artificial odors. And phthalates are hormonal pollutants.

The same goes for synthetic air fresheners or fabric softeners. 3. USES ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS. You will avoid the presence of the bleach and other products with chlorine, solvents, preservatives (such as parabens ), phosphates or nonylphenols, which harm not only your health but also the wild ecosystems.

4 AVOID ANTIBACTERIAL PRODUCTS,  which use dangerous additives such as triclosan, a hormonal contaminant for illegal use in deodorants because of its adverse effects on puberty and thyroid hormones.About us:The tips help reduce exposure to these ubiquitous toxins, something that will improve our health and the environment. However, we must not forget that the real solution lies in Europe legislating and prohibiting hormonal pollutants.


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