April has obtained a solid knowledge and experience

April Greiman, an artist, designer and AIGA medalist was one of the first designers to establish herself as a pioneer of digital communication and use a computer as a design tool. Greiman states: “The digital landscape fascinates me in the same way as the desert.” The obsession comes from the deep of her being, a root of endless curiosity and questions that inspired her to explore and create a stupendous design works in the new era of computers.

Greiman’s design education began after one was accepted at Kansas City Art Institute for a graphic design program. After receiving a good education at Kansas City Art Institute one has obtained a solid knowledge and experience of Modernist tradition. She calls herself a natural bridge between traditions of Modernist design and a future generation of designers. Due to this fact, she is a defender of both the visual and conceptual aesthetics and new technologies.

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“In the tradition of graphic design in the twentieth century, you had to be either a great typographer, a great designer/illustrator, or a great poster designer. Now we are confronted with motion graphics, the World Wide Web, and interactive applications. The world has changed and the field is changing to meet it.” Greiman has been always determined to designers be open to new traditions, movements and a whole new understanding and perception of design. She states: “It’s not just graphic design anymore. We just don’t have a new name for it yet.”


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