Applying behavior, which was harmful (Nolan, 2013).

Applying Anthropology and Telling StoriesNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Applying Anthropology and Telling StoriesMost of the stories that I grew up with where from books and TV shows which influenced my thinking as I grew up. Most of the stories were fictional while others were true stories from other cultural backgrounds, which were used to educate and correct a moral behavior, which was harmful (Nolan, 2013). These stories brought ideas and practices of diverse cultures and are used by anthropologists to pass on information from one generation to another (Nolan, 2013).

Reading stories from different times and cultures is more interesting than having the real experiences as creating images in the mind and not suffering any consequences is better (Nolan, 2013). These stories influenced my perceptions about myself and the world in how I interpret people from other cultural backgrounds, certain events, and my opinions regarding certain things. My reaction to certain things also changed as well as how I made my decisions and what actions I take during certain situations. I was able to understand why different things are the way they are and the reasons behind so many things (Callahan, 2016).

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Most of the characters in the books and TV shows were from the same background as mine since I could associate with most of the things that were happening on the TV shows and able to relate with most of the situations surrounding the characters (Callahan, 2016). As an adult, the stories that I identify with include life stories, which include stories, which can raise one’s self-esteem and improve my problem solving skills. This is because life has many challenges, which are can be better addressed by an informed and an individual with much knowledge about the realities of life (Callahan, 2016). These stories are similar to the ones I grew up with in that both are meant to increase knowledge and educate an individual on important matters in life. A difference in these stories is that childhood stories were meant to teach children on society values and instill the right moral values as children grow up while adult stories are meant to increase knowledge on handling important matters of life (Callahan, 2016). There are certain people whom I only have a single story due to the fact that they are fictional individual who never existed rather a creation of their story, which ended after the story (Nolan, 2013).

Understanding others can be broadened by reading a lot of literature from different backgrounds as this is meant to tell stories and experiences from different people who have different cultural backgrounds from mine (Nolan, 2013). ReferencesCallahan, S. (2016).

Putting stories to work: Mastering business storytelling. Melbourne, Australia: Pepperberg Press.Nolan, R. W. (2013). The handbook of practicing anthropology. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell.


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