Any research in my philosophy class with my group

Any activity that requires a collective participation of a group of people presupposes a division of their roles as a necessary factor of an effective and uninterrupted process of work. The most important position in any team relates to the personality of a group leader and his or her philosophy, style and leadership. I have taken up the leadership role on a couple occasions. I was once the team leader during the basketball intramural season in the fall of 2017. I have also exhibited my leadership skills during a research in my philosophy class with my group coming out with 2nd place.Growing up as a young child I had developed an interest in the Maritime Industry solely because I had been educated on all the opportunities that were available in that field. In the course of my life, I had been faced with decisions, which would deter my going into the Maritime Industry, this was because it had become a scare course amongst my choices of universities. Having realized that Texas A&M offered this program, it re-ignited my passion for this program. Before choosing Maritime Administration as my major I had no idea of what my plans were prior to graduating high school. I started here at Texas A&M in the spring of 2016 as a transfer student. During the new student orientation, I was told that out 56 credit hours only 15 would transfer into my Texas A&M, as the rest of the courses did not match A&M classes. This demoralized me although I was still motivated to be part of the Aggie family due to my career goals. I plan to graduate from Texas A&M at Galveston in the spring of 2019. Upon this, I hope to work for oil and gas or a Port Authority where I can utilize my technical knowledge working along sides experienced professionals, which would help me develop strong leadership skills and build relationships with employees in the industry.Being part of Texas A&M means a whole lot more than just saying it. Aggies are the face of the Texas A&M community and I believe holding up an ethical behavior and integrity is the one of a most important personality of an Aggie. As a student, being ethical and having integrity means abiding by the rules even when it is difficult or no one can report a breach. I believe this personality trait lays a foundation of trust amongst students, academic staffs and researchers. This principle of ethics and integrity require that students attend all classes on time unless in cases of unavoidable circumstances. Failure to abide by these principles has consequences not only for the student but also for the university. In case of academic misconduct, a university such as TAMU risks losing its reputations when scholars engage in unethical behaviors. Some of these actions also affect graduates as it is challenging for them to get employment. When it comes to passion, being an Aggie has that compelling emotion during class meetings, football games, yell practices, intramural games and many more. The Aggie ring tradition brings about the support of benevolent, charitable, and educational commitment. The Aggie ring is a mode of identification, which usually leads to conversations, gives you the ability to meet former students and also brings connection amongst current and former students.As an individual, I have always been keen on furthering my studies here at Texas A&M University Galveston. The reasons for this are not far-fetched. As an ambitious young man that wants to have a career in this field, I believe Texas A&M has the right amenities to facilitate my success and I believe this college has prepared me for the future. Focusing on my studies has always been a huge priority in my life. I pride myself on hard work, integrity, and dedication and I believe being a Maritime administration major has put me in the right place for my career path. This university harbors the very seed of excellence and I am ready to complete my story in this college. I am ready to earn and work for my share of excellence and portray with pride and integrity that excellence which runs in the college itself. Before gaining admission I did my research well and also found that Texas A&M is the right fit to gain experience in the Maritime Industry. The environment is friendly; the students are highly motivated and thus perform very well giving me the ability to make friends with future leaders in the industry. This realization also ignites in me a determination to succeed. The adequate library and studies facilities that the school has made it stand apart and are an added advantage to my success rate.Creating a life plan and having goals are what give me directions. The direction I am heading towards is doing research and studies, performing well, acquiring experience through internships and having an exceptional career in my selected field of study. I eagerly anticipate seeing my plans for the future come to fruition and being a Maritime administration major has put me on the right path. 


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