ANSWERS: applications with human component. McDonalds use the

ANSWERS:1. The main goal of the (IS) is collect, stores, analyzes, process and distribute information’s for a specific purpose. Also an information system includes inputs and outputs. It processes the inputs and produces outputs that are sent to users via electronic networks.

 Information system can also be described as a combination of hardware, software, data and functions which can be used to increase efficiency and management of an organization.2. Transaction Processing System (McDonalds example): The information system that captures accurate, timely and organized information so managers ; others users can make decisions, solve problems. Transaction processing collecting, storing, modifying and retrieving the transactions of an organizations. For example help McDonalds to keep in track of their suppliers for example the supplier name, address the invoice amount.Management information system: This system provides the information needed to manage organization efficiently and effectively by involve technology, information and people.

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The main reason why McDonalds use this system is to provides information’s to help the managers and the staff in understanding the business performance and to plan future direction.Decision support system: is to use to model data and make quality decision based on the data. Usually are computer applications with human component. McDonalds use the internet in their restaurant in order to collect information about the length of stay and sales levels and as help of Decision support system could help the improvement of the restaurant.

3. In MacDonald’s industry all employees they use the Information System. At first worker use the Transaction Processing System in order processing. Managers use the Management Information system to provide information about business operations manage the efficient running of the company.

The senior managers use the Decision Support System to integrate information’s into the company to what to do in the future and how their decisions might affect the company’s future. Finally, the CEOs used Executive Information systems to analyses how the company is functioning and identify how it can be improved to make strategic decision to improve their profit.Decisions about food products for example the quality for a specific food and how favorable is this product to customers. From costumers expectations based the price and serving sizes. Furthermore, decisions about location and how the role of marketing and public relations is related with location choice. Also decisions based on maintenance for instance measure the current productivity the condition of machines the resources and take decisions to make productivity more efficient. In additional decisions about the staff, employees for example how productivity it is every employee and expose the team working skills for each employees. Hyperactive Bob system:This system used computers and rooftop cameras to monitor traffic entering and by the viewing the traffic the staffs and kitchen employees start to prepare for the orders.

Touch – Interface Ordering System (TIOS):This system works with a machine like the ATM. This machine allows to customer to make the order by touching the machine and selecting what they desire and pay with credit card. ..


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