Answer achievement in procurement:’ During SIDR and

Answer to the question # 1
The main challenges of conducting emergency procurement are as follows:
1. Lack of Planning: Planning should be made just after approval of Foreign Donation (FD).
2. Insufficient qualified vendors: It is difficult to ensure qualified vendors within insufficient lead time. It can be overcome through enlisting qualified vendors for emergency responses.
3. Insufficient responses from vendors: Due to inadequate response time it is difficult to receive enough responses. It can be overcome through proper planning and through vendor orientation.
4. Inadequate delivery time: It can be minimize through proper planning.
5. Difficult to ensure quality
Answer to the question # 2
My best achievement in procurement:’
During SIDR and AILA I was involved in large volume emergency procurement in Same the Children. And I also engaged in Rohynga Response Emergency procurement in World Vision Bangladesh.
Sometimes I was involved in supporting role and sometime in leading role. I was involved procurement planning, vendor enlistment, tender process, vendor selection and vendor post qualifications, monitoring lead time, preparation of contract, monitoring supplies.
Answer to the question # 3
My negotiation strategies will be as follows:
• I will gather very good knowledge about the product and market price before I start negation
• Prepare myself before entering negotiation meeting by targeting the goals
• I have to listen to the other party actively and debate with possible negotiation point
• As a negotiator I should have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively
• I have to negotiate with all other factors such as delivery lead time, delivery mode, specifications of the product, packaging, distribution etc.

Answer to the question # 4
Three circumstances when tendering process may not be the best approach:

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• In case of Monopoly Market
• In case of sole distributor
• During market survey if it is found that there are not enough suppliers in the market
• If the tender process is extremely slow and lead time is less

Answer to the question # 5
Complex Tendering Process (assuming that it is consultancy firm hiring through open tendering):
1. Prepare draft EOI and evaluations tools
2. Finalization of EOI and evaluations tools
3. Ensure approval of EOI and evaluations tools
4. Publication of EOI in the two national dailies (English and Bangla)
5. Deadline for EOI submission
6. Opening of EOI
7. Preliminary selection of firm based on evaluation tools
8. Finalize of RFP and Evaluation tool
9. Ensure approval of RFP and evaluation tools
10. Notification of Award and distribution of RFP among the shortlisted
11. Pre-proposal meeting
12. Deadline of RFP submission
13. Opening of RFP
14. Selection of firm based on RFP evaluation tool
15. Submission of the list of selected firm to server procurement committee
16. Approval from the Head of Procurement Entity (HOPE)
17. Pre-award assessment for the selected firm and negotiation
18. Approval from HOPE
19. Notification of award
20. Agreement signing


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