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Another software that will use of the proponents is Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a tool to create, modify, combine and optimize digital photos and images in your computer. This program excels in manipulating digital photography and is used to perform subtle changes such as adjust brightness and contrast, combine different image elements and keep them organized. You can apply different styles and filters, add texts, adjust colors and add objects to your image 13, Jemma Development (2011) Operating system is necessary for creating a system the most commonly used OS is Windows 7. Windows 7 interface adjustments are minor, yet so sensible that you may wonder why Windows didn’t include them all along. Shove a window into the left or right edge of the screen and it’ll expand to fill half of your desktop. Nudge another into the opposite edge of the screen, and it’ll expand to occupy the other half.

That makes comparing two windows’ contents easy. If you nudge a window into the top of the screen, it will maximize to occupy all of the display’s real estate 12. The system Android-Based Mobile Application of Point of Sales and Inventory System Inquiry uses this kind of OS in creating their system because it is the most commonly used OS in the industry.

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